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The Best Baby Monitor Reviews

Infants or babies are very delicate human beings that require a lot of attention in order to perfectly understand them. This might be very difficult especially when it comes to infants who cannot express themselves verbally. Even though this is the case, they still need to be well taken care of and their needs to be perfectly met. This is the point where a baby monitor comes in handy. Also referred to as a baby alarm, a baby monitor can be defined as a radio device or gadget that listens to various sounds made by an infant. The baby monitor is made of a transmitter with a microphone and is usually put near the infant. The device then sends sound waves made by the infant to a receiver which has a speaker to the mother or the caregiver who might be in a different room.

best baby monitor - The Best Baby Monitor Reviews

Factors to consider when selecting the best baby monitor

The current market has become greatly saturated with different models and also brands of baby monitors such that it makes it quite a hassle for one to get the best. It is common knowledge that it is everyone’s wish to get value for their money and also achieve their desired goals whenever they buy any item. Baby monitor is no exception to this. Therefore, to ensure you get the best baby monitor to enable you achieve your desired goals and also get value for your money, the following factors should be considered:

1. Size

For ease of portability around the house, select a smaller baby monitor. These in most cases are light and easy to carry around. This is vital because it will save you the energy of walking around with a heavy device and also preventing the risk of it getting damaged in case it drops.

2. Low-battery indicator

In order to ensure that you don’t miss on any of the sounds your baby makes when awake, it is essential to select a baby monitor which can clearly show you when the battery is low, so that you can change. Such a device usually comes with an indicator such as an alarm or flash light to let you know when the battery is low.

3. Sound range

Select a baby monitor that has a good sound quality, such that even if you are in a different room, you can clearly get to hear when your baby wakes up. The monitor should also be able to pick and reproduce soft sounds made by your baby.

4. Interference

For effectiveness, select a baby monitor that cannot get interfered with signals and noise made by other nearby devices such as the microwave. To ensure you get the best in this case, select baby monitors that use DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunication). These types are not easily interfered with as they have a different frequency from that of other common devices in the home.

5. Type

A baby monitor can be an audio one or a video one. If you want to be able to see your baby when they start to cry or make any sound, a video baby monitor will be the best choice for you. If your interest is only the sound then an audio one will be perfect. You need to know that video baby monitors are slightly more expensive as compared to an audio one.

6. Ease of use

It is important to select an easy to use and also to install baby monitor. It should not be complicated to operate since it is sometimes used by parents at night when they are half-asleep. Also the nannies or quite illiterate people can easily understand how to use it.

7. Brand

Before settling for any baby monitor, consider the brand reputation of the baby monitor. How popular is the brand and what do different customers say about a given brand. Some of the common baby monitors’ brands include: Graco, Mobicam, Dropcam among others.

8. Warranty

Before buying a baby monitor, ensure that it has a warranty period such that you can easily return and have replacement in case it gets faulty within the given warranty period.

9. Number of children

If you have more than one child, select a baby monitor that has different transmitters to be put in the children’s different rooms.

Why buyers should choose a baby monitor

Having a baby monitor in one’s house is very important especially if you have a baby or are expecting one. This is due to the following reasons:

  1. A baby monitor enables one to check on the baby even when not necessarily physically present in the baby’s room. This helps since you don’t easily have to interfere with the baby.
  2. Owning a baby monitor gives you as a parent or caregiver peace of mind since you are able to know what is going on in the baby’s room whether you are in or around the home.
  3. With a baby monitor, you are able to sleep peacefully without having to frequently wake up to go checking on the baby, unless the baby’s sound is detected.
  4. Having a baby monitor gives you enough space and time to carry out other important house chores such as washing and cleaning while at the same time monitoring the baby.
  5. Some baby monitors have more features such as one that can monitor your baby’s breathing pattern hence can alert you in case of any breathing problem.


Owning the best baby monitor is very essentials to all parents that have infants and also those that are expecting. This is because it will greatly help them effectively take care of their babies while at the same time giving them peace of mind. There are a number of best baby monitors that can be found on amazon.com. Some of them include: DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor (Infant Optics), Safe and Sound Digital Audio Baby Monitor (VTech), Wireless Video Baby Monitor (Hello Baby). There are many more baby monitors from amazon.com and many other outlets depending on your preference and also budget. Go grab one for your baby and get an easy time caring for them.

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