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The Best Gas Ranges Reviews

One of the most important components in a kitchen is a range. A range is a combination of two important cooking tools to make one device. These tools are the stove and the oven. One has the option of buying the two separately but this is quite expensive. Moreover a range requires only a one time installation. There are different types of ranges which include electric range which uses electricity, gas range that uses gas and dual-fuel range which can utilize both electricity or gas depending on which is available. Most of the chefs prefer gas ranges because according to them they are more efficient than their two counterparts. Today we will mainly focus on gas ranges.

best gas ranges - The Best Gas Ranges Reviews

Features of the best Gas ranges

The best gas ranges have the following features which makes them work efficiently:

1. Ventilation

Most models of gas ranges have two options of ventilation updraft or down draft. The most common type is an upward draft option, with an overhead hood or a microwave with the ventilator function above the gas range. Downdraft ventilators must have a duct installed t channel air outside.

2. Size

The oven size needed to for a given number of people in the household determines the size of a gas range. The more the number of people in the household, the larger the oven size hence the bigger the gas range.

3. Burner size

The Standard unit for gas burners is in British Thermal Units (BTUs). Gas ranges come with four burners. One or two large burners (15,000 BTU), one or two medium sized (9000 BTU) and one smaller burner (5000 BTU).

4. High-power burners

Gas ranges always come with one or more high-powered burners. These are mainly used in fast boiling of water, searing and also stir-frying.

5. Simmer burners

These are low heat units which are convenient for foods that cannot withstand high temperatures such as sauces, chocolate among others.

6. Oven cavity light

This oven cavity always has an on and off switch which makes it easier for one to see whatever food is being cooked in the oven even at night.

7. Dials and knobs

These dials and knobs are very essential in controlling the burners for effective cooking or heating.

8. Grates

Gas ranges gas grates are made of different materials such as brass, cast iron, steel or porcelain coated cast iron. Continuous grates make it easier to get pots from one burner to the next.

9. Valves

Gas ranges often come with safety valves which have the main role of regulating the flow of gas through the unit with use of the gas range’s thermostat controls.

10. Oven design

The oven on your gas range can come with different amenities such a convection fan to circulate air in the oven and fasten the cooking process.

Benefits of having the best gas range

Owning the best gas range has a number of advantages to anyone who owns or uses it. These benefits include:

  1. The flame lights instantly giving out immediate heat and it is easier to control the heat precision.
  2. Propane or natural gas used in most gas ranges are very cheap and also offer a clean burn. This saves you money in the long run as compared to an electric range.
  3. A gas oven gives an even cooking of food which makes it look very appealing.
  4. Gas ranges are very durable because the metal grates on the gas range tops are harder compared to smoother electric range tops.
  5. In case there is a power outage, a gas range comes in very handy to ensure that food is prepared.
  6. Gas ranges cook faster due to the flame heating on the sides as well as the bottom of the pan.


Gas ranges are suitable especially in places where there is no electricity or constant power problems. Gas ranges are also suitable for even cooking of food. They are also suitable in saving money since gas is cheaper than electricity. Amazon best sellers have a number of gas ranges models which include: LG freestanding gas range, Professional class gas range among many more models and brands. Go ahead and make your perfect choice.

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