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The Best Point and Shoot Camera Reviews

Some photography operations do not require complex cameras. They just require snapshots that don’t need any details. Events like birthday gigs, reunions, baby showers, picnics, college events, among others need just simple cameras to cover them. These cameras are designed to suit specific small events that do not require complexities. Point and shoot cameras are best suitable for this since they have good precision and they accommodate fine photo tuning. Best point and shoot cameras use focus free or autofocus lenses form focusing. Exposure setting options are well installed with internal flash units. These cameras are also known as compact cameras and are fairly distributed in the market being used mostly by non-photographers since they are not complex. The best point and shoot camera has the following features.

best point and shoot camera 2017 - The Best Point and Shoot Camera Reviews

Features of Best Point and Shoot Camera

1. LCD Screens

Point and shoot cameras come with 2.5 inch LCD display unit but others come with 3.5 inches. The best of these cameras display sharp and saturated images even in brightly lit days. The best LCD screen however should be able to adopt the camera’s movement when panning. Avoid shaky and jerky LCDs since they distort visual display.

2. Zoom

Digital zooming provides longer zoom range which at times may blur the image. Therefore, cameras with such defaults should be complimented with optical image stabilization to help reduce blurriness of photos due to camera shakes.

3. Viewfinders

This comes in handy especially in brightly lit days where LCD vision is hampered. Point and shoot cameras rely on LCD as viewfinder excluding optical displays. Therefore, larger the LCD screen, the clearer the visual display.

4. Megapixel

More megapixels offer you extra flexibility during image processing. For example, if you want a 4×6 photo during cropping and enlargements, a resolution of over 6 megapixels is good for you.

5. Sensor size

For a crystal clear photo especially in low light circumstance like at night, a point and shoot camera with a large image sensor is the best. Smaller image sensors are not able to take clear photos at night.

6. Image Stabilization

This feature is designed to make the camera steadier while taking photos. Therefore, if you have a problem of shaky hands, it is the best solution to it. Digital image stabilization makes the shot steady through adjusting camera settings. On the other hand, optical one uses sensors that move in order to compensate shaking.

7. Camera modes

Best point and shoot camera offers automatic camera settings based on situations. For example, sports mode is good for fast action shots while portrait mode focuses on the foreground subject.

8. Face Recognition

This is achieved through the camera aiming to optimize exposure and focus for the subjects. It is able to recognize baby faces or moody subject.

9. Memory cards

This acts as a secondary data storage feature. It enables one to capture more pictures and also take long shots. However, you should look for a point and shoot camera that is compatible with the memory card to avoid disappointment.

10. File formats

Most of these cameras save images in JPEG format. This format is preferred because it takes little space.

Benefits of Best Point and Shoot Camera

  1. Point and shoot cameras are compact. This refers o a small size making them more portable and user friendly.
  2. The cameras are inbuilt with an array of lenses which compact enough with a size of as low as millimeters which allow fisheye wide angle.
  3. They are good in producing HDR shots which no other camera is capable of.
  4. These cameras are the best for scouting locations and for documenting photographic notes.
  5. The camera is multipurpose since they can take both family pictures and HDR which are designed for sunsets. This makes them the best for training new photographers.
  6. The camera is affordable since its price is low as compared to complex digital cameras.


In summary, point and shoot cameras are basically designed for simple photography. Most of them utilize focus free lenses, automatic systems and have a built flash unit. These cameras are simple to use. One only need to press the shutter button and everything including shutter speed, focus, aperture and light sensitivity are all adjusted for a crystal clear image with just enough color. Though technology has really advanced and more digital cameras have been invented, a point and shoot camera still has its ’A’ game on. They still in their own capacity dominate the camera market. The best on Amazon market are: Canon Powershot SX IS, Nikon COOLPIX Waterproof Digital going for $106.95 and Kodak PIXPRO Friendly Zoom FZ43 16 MP.

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