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The Best Dishwashers Reviews

After taking a meal, a snack or even evening tea, it is logical to clean your dishes so that you can effectively use them again when you need to. Since time immemorial dishes have always been washed manually on sinks with water, soap and a scrubber. We are not trying to say that this method of cleaning is not efficient because it is. The thing is time has really changed and technology has come in so the need to embrace it is very pressing. Also people have become busier, economically, socially and also psychologically such that they can’t get enough time to clean their dishes manually. These are the main reasons why a dishwasher becomes such an essential device to invest in.

best dishwashers - The Best Dishwashers Reviews

Features of the best dishwashers

For a dish washer to be able to work efficiently it needs to have the following features:

1. Dry settings

Most dish washers now have the option of drying the dishes after washing. One can decide to use heat or not in drying the dishes. Using heat is faster though it consumes more energy.

2. Delay start

Some models of dishwashers come with this feature which enables you to set the machine some hours earlier before you intend the wash program to begin. This is convenient if you want the cleaning to take place at night and may be you are not home. It also saves on energy especially during off-peak energy hours.

3. Noise insulation

So as to curb noise of the dishes during the washing process, most washers have are noise insulated. This is feature is very convenient especially if you have small kids or you are washing your dishes at night.

4. Water jets

Most of the models of dishwashers now come with high efficient water jets or spray nozzles which improve the cleaning power of the machine without increasing the amount of water being used.

5. Fold-down prongs

Fold down prongs makes the loading of heavy large items on the dishwasher easier. This is because the racks are made to fold down such that you don’t have to struggle lifting the item onto the dishwasher.

6. Special wash areas

Some machines come with a special wash zone where heavy soiled dishes and cookware are taken care of without increasing the amount of energy being used.

7. Additional rack

Some models of dish washers come with an additional rack which allows one to wash more items at the same time, without having to wait so as to get space for the extra dishes.

8. Eco-wash

This refers to energy saving short wash cycles which cuts down the amount of energy and time required to clean dishes. This feature is very efficient for lightly soiled dishes and cookware.

9. Water filtration system

Units with such a feature are able to enhance the washing process by removing food particles from the water used for cleaning. Models with this feature are quite expensive.

10. Soil sensors

This feature comes in all energy star rated models. It enhances the dishwasher’s efficiency by adjusting each cleaning cycle automatically depending on how dirty the dishes are.

Benefits of having the best dishwashers

Owning a dish washer in your home has a number of benefits for you, these benefits include:

  1. Since there is less handling of dishes with a dishwasher, the chances of breakage and also being cut by broken glasses are greatly reduced.
  2. Putting your dirty dishes in the dishwasher for cleaning improves the hygiene of the kitchen by keeping it and the counters clean.
  3. Dishwashers clean more efficiently since the dishes are passed through different cycles of very hot water which disinfects them.
  4. Use of dishwashers saves more water as compared to hand washing of dishes.
  5. Dishwashers saves time, as you can use the time required to hand wash dishes to do other important activities.


Best dishwashers are suitable for cleaning a large amount of dishes within a short time. Dishwashers are also suitable for maintaining the kitchen hygiene and perfectly cleaning of your dishes. Some of the models and brands of best dishwashers found on the Amazon include: SPT Countertop Dishwasher, Danby Countertop Dishwasher. Many more dishwashers are available on different online shops where you can get the perfect dishwasher for you.

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