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The Best Washers Reviews

Good grooming and also cleanliness are essential parts of every sane human being. This mainly entails general body cleaning and also putting on clean clothes. Clean clothes makes one feel very refreshed and at the same time very confident. Clean clothes also makes people to want to associate more with you than if your clothes were dirty. This means that it is very compulsory to have clean clothes on every time. Since one cannot be buying clothes every day, there is need for one to wash their clothes so that they can use them when clean. However due to the busy schedules that many people have, it has become very difficult for one to wash their clothes manually. This is the point where owning a washer becomes such an essential requirement to assist in this.

best washers - The Best Washers Reviews

Features of the Best Washers

Once you have seen the need of owning a washer, you will want to purchase one. However this is not an easy task until you consider the following features so as to get the best out of your washer:

1. Automatic sensing water level

This feature enables the washer to automatically measure the level of water required for a given load of clothes or the fabric type. This greatly helps in saving time, water and also energy.

2. Out-of-balance correction

A machine with this program has the ability to detect an out of balance load, which can end up interrupting the washing process. It corrects this by spinning slowly before the full spinning.

3. Anti-crease

This enables one to reduce the amount and need of ironing. This feature enables the washer not to drain the last rinse water or not to spin after the last rinse water thereby preventing the clothes from getting creases.

4. Drum size

The size of the drum is based on the number of kilos of dry clothes that can fit into the washer’s drum. The bigger the drum’s size the more kilos of clothes it can handle and vice versa. It is however advisable to get a washer with a drum you can fill, since washers are more effective when their drum is full.

5. Spin speed

The function of the spin cycle is to remove water from your clothes after the laundry. A machine which has the highest spin speed is able to remove more water from the clothes. Most washers have spin speeds of 1200 and 1400rpm (revolutions per minute). Washers with spin speeds of 1600rpm and more are more expensive.

6. Quick wash

If you have little time or have less items to clean the quick wash function on a washer is very ideal.

7. Heater

Washers which have internal heaters save on the demand of hot water from your home heater and also clean clothes more effectively.

8. Delayed start

This feature enables the washer to start cleaning the clothes at a later time. This is convenient especially if you consider using the washer at night.

9. Hand wash

If the clothes you intend to clean with the washer have delicate fabric, this feature greatly becomes handy.

10. Sanitation cycle

This feature helps to get rid of allergens and bacteria from clothes during the laundry process. A washer with this function is very convenient for allergic people.

Benefits of having the best washers

Owning a washer has a number of advantages which include:

  1. Owning a washer saves you on time you would use to wash clothes. This time can be utilized in carrying out other chores.
  2. With a washer, you are saved the energy of manually washing, rinsing and wringing clothes.
  3. A washing machine enables one to clean a lot of clothes at once without the fear of getting tired as in the case of manual washing.
  4. A washer which has a dryer combination saves you the need of having to hang your clothes on the line for drying.
  5. Washers are able to clean different fabrics at the same time with different intensity.


The best washers are suitable for cleaning a lot of clothes within a short period of time. Washers are also suitable for cutting down on labor cost and time that would be needed to manually clean clothes. Some of washers’ model and brands on Amazon include; Giantex Portable Mini Compact Washing Machine, Panda Small Compact Washing machine among other brands and models.

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