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The Best Jigsaws Reviews

Being a power tool, jig saw is very versatile such that it can make curved, straight, cross as well as plunge cuts. It also has the ability to make personalized shapes such as beveling and ripping. It also boasts of a great capability of cutting different materials which include; ceramic tiles, drywall, metals, wood and plastic. If you want to make any furniture a jig saw is a must have. They work perfectly in small working areas as they are able to fit very well. Despite the fact that they are small, jig saw can perfectly carry out the role of band saw and also circular saw such as cutting plywood or even a pine board. A jig saw greatly helps in making work easier.

best jigsaws - The Best Jigsaws Reviews

Features of the best jigsaws

You need to ensure that you purchase a jig saw that will effectively serve you while at the same time give you value for your money. These can only be achieved when the following features of a jig saw are considered:

1. Handle grip

The style of a jig saw is determined by the type of handle grip. Jig saw come in two handle grips D-style and barrel style. The name of the handle depicts its shape and look. D-style grip comes with a D shape which allows room for proper grasping with only a single hand. This gives a more professional feel, higher control and also more intricate cuts.

2. Blades

Jig saw blades are classified by the number of Teeth Per Inch (TPI). TPI determines the type of material that is ideal for the blade, the speed of the cut and how fine the cut will come out. A lower TPI is ideal for softer materials such as paper, wood and also cloth. Harder materials require a higher TPI, such include ceramic or even steel.

3. Motor power

The higher the motor power the easier it gets to cut harder metals. A 500W motor power is what most customers consider ideal.

4. Speed

In jig saws, speed is measured as Strokes per Minute (SPM).Often jig saw speed ranges between 500 and 3000 SPM. Deep cuts on heavier woods need more speed, while hard steel require a slower speed.

5. Blade material

Blades for jig saw are made from different metals. The tougher the blade of a jig saw the harder the material the jigsaw can cut. Although there are some blades which can cut both soft and hard materials.

6. Corded or cordless

Corded jig saws are considered more powerful as opposed to a cordless jig saw. Corded jigsaw can work effectively on tough materials. Cordless jigsaws are very effective especially in hard to reach areas.

7. Orbital settings

These settings enable one to control the jigsaw backward, forward and also sideways while in a circular motion. This enhances speed and also precision.

Benefits of the best jigsaws

Having a good jigsaw has a number of benefits to the user. These include:

  1. Jigsaws are very powerful and help to make work such as making holes in sockets supplying electricity easier.
  2. Since they are small, jigsaws are very portable and have the ability to cut in different ways.
  3. One does not experience or any knowledge so as to use a jig saw.
  4. Jigsaws are very flexible and have cutting power for different crafts and craft applications.


Jigsaws are suitable for cutting hard materials such as tiles, metal or even a dry wall. They are also suitable for making different shapes on wood, plastic or even metal. Amazon best sellers have some models of the best jigsaw which include; Porter Cable Max Lithium Bare jigsaw, Bosch JS470E Top-Handle Jigsaw. More models and brands are available on Amazon depending on your taste, preference and also budget. All the best!

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