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The Best Laptop Computers Reviews

It is not unusual to get more than one computer in households today. Laptops are a favorite for people always on the go like writers, businessmen, and students. But if you want to have the ultimate laptop user experience, you should definitely go for the best laptop computers. Knowing the best laptop in the market can even sometimes be confusing for experts, but here are some of the key features to help you choose the right laptop.

best laptop computers - The Best Laptop Computers Reviews

Features of the Best Laptop

1. Operating System (OS)

Many laptops come with three operating systems; Mac OS X ( Apples’ operating system and comes in MacBooks only), Chrome operating system (simplest yet one of the most secure), Windows operating system ( most common operating system and its latest version is the Windows 10).

2. The Laptop’s Size

Laptop size will determine the extent of your laptop’s portability. Screen display size is what is used to categorize the sizes and ranges from 11 inches to 18 inches. The smaller the screen size, the lighter the laptop will be.

3. USB charging

We all love the convenience of charging our phones and tablets, connecting external storage devices to read and write data in our laptops, through the USB port with the Type-C being the new standard.

4. Specifications

4.1 Display

The more the pixels the more the contents will fit on the screen and the sharper the images will look. Resolution displays range from 1366 X 768 to 3840 X 2160. A recommended standard resolution is one of 1920 X 1080 also referred to as 1080p or full HD.

4.2 Central Processing Unit (CPU)

The CPU is the brains of the computer and its processor has a great effect on the laptop computer’s performance. Processors could be, Intel Core i3/i5 (has the best combination of performance and price), Intel Core i7 (favorable for workstations and gaming rigs), Intel Pentium (has enough performance to accomplish the daily normal duties), Intel Atom (works like Intel Pentium but has a longer battery life), Intel Core M (better performance than Intel Pentium and can go fanless because of the low heat it produces).

4.3 Hard Disk Space

The storage device performance will determine how much data you can store on your computer.

4.4 Random Access Memory (RAM)

RAM will dictate how many programs you can learn on your computer. The higher the RAM the more the programs. Standard recommended RAM capacity is 4GB.

4.5 Graphics Cards

If you are a high-end PC gamer, a regular drawer of 3D objects, or editor of high-resolution videos, you need more than just the integrated graphic chip, you need a discrete graphic processor from NVIDIA or AMD.

4.6 DVD Drive

To write discs you need to have a DVD drive, but if you get a laptop without one you can buy an external DVD drive and connect through the USB port.

5. Battery Life

Battery determines how long you can work away from a charging system. Manufacturers words cannot be taken as final in this, rather seek third party opinion. An ideal battery life should be at least six hours.

6. Laptop Brand

The best brands offer timely and accurate technical support to their customers.

Reasons you Should Have a Laptop Computer

  1. Laptops are very portable.
  2. They use less energy compared to desktops.
  3. Laptops take less space compared to desktops.
  4. With a laptop, you can carry all your work with you.
  5. Can be used as a communication device through Skype
  6. They have better keyboards than desktop computers.
  7. Laptops can be used away from power sources.


With the current technological trends, having a laptop should help you keep the pace with the rest of the world besides being very much convenient. Prices of laptops vary according to their features, so it is no surprise if the sophisticated ones cost much much more.

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