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The Best Binoculars Reviews

Aside from eyeglasses, binoculars are the world’s most used optical instruments. When shopping for binoculars, there are wide price ranges in binoculars that seem to look the same.Understanding the different features of binoculars will help you settle on the best binoculars.

best binoculars - The Best Binoculars Reviews

Feature of the Best Binoculars

1. Binocular Size

Binoculars are offered in different sizes from full-size (8 x 42 x, 10 x 50) performs well in dark situations since it captures more light and is good for wildlife viewing and bird watching, mid-size (7 x 35, 10 x 32) recommended for sports and for wildlife use, compact size (8 x 25, 10 x25) suitable for daytime activities in the outdoors and are the lightest.

2. Binocular Magnification Power and Objective Lens Diameter

Numbers on binoculars are an indication of its lens diameter and magnification power
Example: 7 x 35 binoculars says the binoculars has a magnification power of 7 (usually the first number) and the objective lenses (always the second number) measures 35mm.
Magnification power is the number by which the object’s size can be increased while objective lens, usually measured in millimeters, determines the extent to which the binoculars can be able to gather.

3. Binocular Exit Pupil

This number indicates the extent to which an object will appear bright when viewed in areas with low lights. It is calculated by dividing the objective lenses’ diameter by the magnification number

4. Binocular Relative Brightness

Similar to the binocular exit pupil and is the square of it.

5. Binocular Eye Relief

The distance the between eyepieces and the eyes is called the binocular eye relief. The longer the eye relief the more comfortable it is to use the binoculars.

6. Binocular Field of View

Field of view tells the width in feet that you can view a thousand yards from your standing distance. A higher magnification power has a narrower field of view.

7. Binocular Focus

A central focusing wheel focuses the two barrels of the binoculars at the same time while the diopter ring adjusts one barrel independently. These focusing features enable you to get the best view

8. Binocular Lens Coatings

Coatings reduce the amount of reflection and increases the transmission of light for sharper and clearer image realization.

9.Waterproof and Weather-Resistant Binoculars

Waterproof binoculars are meant to protect against water entering and some other debris, while weather-resistant binoculars protect against only light rain.

10. Fogproof Binoculars

When using binoculars in areas with different temperatures, it may be usual to encounter fog. To neutralize this annoying occurrence, the inert gas on the barrels replaces the air protecting against fogging.

Reasons you Should Have a Binoculars

  1. Binoculars give you the opportunity to enjoy bird watching and wildlife watching from afar without straining the eyes.
  2. A good pair of binoculars enables you to enjoy star gazing.
  3. If you go to a sports stadium and you do not get seats that are far from the field, if you have a pair of binoculars that would be no problem.
  4. Owning a pair of binoculars gives you a detective kind of feeling.


The main use of binoculars is to enable us to get a better view of things from afar. If you are not an outdoor person, you still need to get one and owning one might make you fall in love with nature.

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