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The Best Booster Car Seats Reviews

Children are the most beautiful gifts that one can ever get. However, they are very vulnerable and fragile hence need maximum and tender care from parents, guardians or whoever is handling them at any given moment. One of the instances where great care is needed for children is when travelling with them in the car. You need to invest in a good car seat so as to ensure that your child is comfortable and safe throughout the travel. Children car seats vary with difference in age, weight and height of the child. They include; infant car seats for babies up to one year, convertible car seats carry children from birth up to between 40 and 80 pounds then booster car seats which uses the car seat belts and designed for 4 and above year olds weighing at least 40 pounds. Our main focus is on the booster car seats.

best booster car seats - The Best Booster Car Seats Reviews

How to choose the best booster car seat?

The current market has been flooded with different brands, models and different prices of booster car seats. This makes it quite a hassle to get the best booster car seat which will meet your needs while at the same time give you the value for your money. However, all is not lost if you put the following factors into consideration:

1. Car/vehicle type

Before settling for any booster car seat, carefully read the car/vehicle manual so as to establish where the booster car seat should be and how it should be installed.

2. Age and weight of child

Consider buying a booster car seat if your child is at the age of four and weighs 40 pounds and above. This will ensure that your child fits well on the seat and will also be comfortable.

3. Base of the seats

Ensure you measure the base of your car seats especially the back seat so as to get the right size for the base of your child’s booster car seat. Be sure that if you buy a booster seat that has a larger base than your car seats, then it might not fit in the car.

4. Installation

You should settle for a booster car seat that has clear diagrammatical instructions on how to install the seat. This will give you an easy time to effectively install your booster car seat. You can also seek the services of an expert to ensure correct installation.

5. Clips

Select a booster car seat that has double-piece retainer clips. These clips ensures you toddler is safe since the clips are very difficult for him/her to unfasten and climb out of their seats.

6. Material

Choose a booster car seat made from a smooth fabric rather than a textured fabric. This will make cleaning of the seat very easy, as you won’t be comfortable with a dirty booster car seat.

7. Limits

Consider a booster car seat that has high height and weight limits. This will enable you to use the seat for a longer period of time.

8. Reputation

Consider buying your booster car seat from retailers or outlets that are popular and have good reputation. The store should be able to accept returns in case of any defaults.

9. Customer reviews

Ensure you get to read different customer reviews about various models of booster car seats so as to establish which is the mostly preferred. This will enable you get the best quality model.


Benefits of the best booster car seats

Having a good booster car seat has the following benefits:

  1. Having a good booster car seat ensures that your child/toddler is safe throughout your travel. This means that in case you crash the impacts on the child won’t be very severe.
  2. A Booster car seat ensures that your toddler is comfortable throughout the travel.
  3. With a good booster car seat, you can have peace of mind and focus on driving knowing that your child is not only comfortable but also safe.
  4. A booster car seat ensures that your child is always buckled up.


Booster car seats are suitable for ensuring that a child is safe and does not fall whenever the road is bumpy. They are also suitable in ensuring that your toddler gets maximum comfort throughout the travel. Best booster car seats can be bought online from different outlets such as Amazon. Some of booster car seats on Amazon include: Big Kid AMP Booster Car Seat (Evenflo), Backless Turbo Booster Car Seat (Graco). Hurry up and get one for your child’s safety and comfort.

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