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The Best Car Batteries Reviews

Humans have the ugly tendency of waiting until our car won’t start to buy a battery. It may be something we do not want to hear, but it is the truth of the matter. You may not replace the car battery more than three or so times during the life of your vehicle, but waiting for roadside assistance with jump cables is a situation that can be avoided with the best car batteries. Here are features to check for your car battery.

best car batteries - The Best Car Batteries Reviews

Features of the Best Car Batteries

1. A Battery Should Fit Your Car and Driving Needs

Getting a battery that is the right size with the right terminal location will serve your vehicle best. It is advisable to always check the battery manual before settling for a pick.

2. Go for One That Did Well a Battery-Life Test

For those in warm climates where high temperatures are frequent, get batteries that did well on battery tests and had less plate corrosion and less vaporization of the electrolyte. Another test to consider before getting a battery is the cold-cranking amp test.

3. Of course Get a Fresh Battery

Batteries lose their strength with time, regardless of not being used. Get a battery that is no more than six months old. The battery production date is written as A for January and 6 for 2016 or other numerics.

4. A strong warranty.

Always go for batteries with three years minimum of warranty. Some other brands have a warranty for more than three years and some even offer a refund in case your battery dies after some stipulated time if the replacement warranty expires.

5. Good reserve capacity

Gopod reserve capacity is the built-in juice, which keeps the battery alive when the car is turned off and other features like the car lights are on.

6. Long life

The best car batteries can outlive their warranty years. Batteries can go up to ten years, which is seven years more than the three years given as a warranty.

7. A maintenance-free design.

This maintanance-free feature implies that you do not have to top up the car battery with distilled water since some have cases that are completely sealed. Even though others have battery caps, you should not add water.

8. A carrying handle.

The weight of a battery is about 40 pounds, you need something that will help you lift the weight off the ground to the battery position in your car’s compartment.

Reasons you Should Have the Best Car Batteries

  1. Having a good car battery, spares you the inconvenience of car problems related to the battery at the most of inconveniencing places.
  2. When you have a good car battery, you are likely to save time of cranking up your car if you had a failed battery or waiting for someone to help you jumpstart.
  3. A failing battery will require you to touch the battery often and the engine compartment getting you dirty, and if you were going to a meeting you would have to rethink your dressing.


Car battery failure is something we can effectively manage by regularly checking the condition of the battery even after installing the best battery that there is in the market. Getting the best car battery is just but the first step of ensuring your car is properly taken care of.

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