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The Best Ceiling Fans Reviews

Due to global warming and climate change, summer has become more uncomfortable to many people due to the very high temperatures. These temperatures have become a nuisance to people’s daily activities hence the need to come up with ways of countering this discomfort. There are many ways in which this problem can be solved and one of them includes use of a ceiling fan. Be it in the office or in the house, ceiling fans help a great deal. A ceiling fan is referred to as a mechanical device that is electrically powered, suspended from the ceiling of a room for the purpose of circulating air. Apart from circulating cool air in summer, ceiling fans also help to move warm air in winter.

best ceiling fans 2017 - The Best Ceiling Fans Reviews

How to select a ceiling fan?

There are many models of ceiling fans and brands in the market that one can buy. Selecting the right ceiling fan does not only revolve around the color and style but very many factors. These are some of the key factors one must consider so as to get maximum efficiency and enjoyment from their ceiling fan.

1. Size

For maximum efficiency, select a fan that fits your room. Bigger rooms need bigger ceiling fans and vice versa. A fan 36’’or smaller is best for rooms like a bathroom, middle-sized room need 42’’ while larger rooms need 50’’-54’’ ceiling fans.

2. Blades

The blades of a ceiling fan determine the amount of air that will be circulated. The greater the angle of the blade, the more air circulation the room will have. Hence the best.

3. Height

Select a ceiling fan with the height of your ceiling in mind. If your ceiling is low, then a flush-mount mode suits you best. Average-height ceilings will require a manufacturer- supplied hanging rod, while with higher ceilings, an extension rod will lower the fan to the required position in the room.

4. Motor

The motor is the heart of every ceiling fan since it has the responsibility of producing quiet operation while driving the blades for air movement. Ensure you select a fan with a high-quality motor, heavy-duty winding and sealed bearings which are permanently lubricated.

5. Damp locations

Ceiling fans to be used in the bathroom or outdoor should be designed and approved for damp locations, so that they are not destroyed by water. Ensure you enquire from the sales person to know which ones are specifically designed for such.

6. Warranty

Choose a ceiling fan that that has a longer warranty and most preferably an in-home service. This will assure you of quality and also the fact that the fan can be replaced in case it gets faulty within the warranty period.

7. Style

Choose a fan that will complement your décor for it to look stylish. Select a high quality finish so as to avoid fading and corrosion.

8. Reputation

Before selecting a given brand, consider its reputation, how popular it is and what other buyers and experts say about the given brand.

9. Installation

Once you have chosen your fan, ensure that it has a manual which clearly explains how it can be installed, or ask if you can get some help from the representative to install.

10. Online

Ensure that you research online on the kind of ceiling fan you want. The good thing is that you can choose your fan and buy it online. It will then be delivered to you in the comfort of your home. Isn’t it just amazing and fulfilling!

Benefits of a Ceiling fan

1. Ceiling fans can complement air-conditioners and enable them to run more efficiently hence significantly reduce electricity bills.

2. Ceiling fans save on space, become part of the room’s décor and are safer for children and pets.

3. Ceiling fans require very little maintenance because they are not easily tampered with since it’s always on the ceiling.

4. In hot and humid summer months, ceiling fans help to reduce the high temperatures.


Ceiling fans are suitable for lowering high temperatures during summer by circulating cool air. While in winter, an outdoor ceiling fans with lights helps to distribute warm air. Also ceiling fans come in handy in complementing your interior décor. Ceiling fans are also suitable for people living in small apartments because they don’t require extra space as they are installed on the ceiling. For those who have children or pets won’t have any problem because the ceiling fans cannot be tampered with by the kids or even pets.

The following are some of the ceiling fans found on amazon.com: Emerson Ceiling Fans sold, Hampton Bay Hugger 52’’ retailing, Ceiling Fan Pull Chain Set. There are many more on amazon.com and also other outlets where one can buy depending on their preference and budget.

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