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The Best Coffee Maker Reviews

Most people enjoy drinking coffee at home, in cafes, during ceremonies or in restaurants but do not know how this beverage comes to be such sensational. Coffee is a beverage brewed from roasted coffee beans. The coffee beans are berries of coffee plant. There are two types of coffee: Arabica and Robusta. This Ethiopian-originating stimulant is the second largest non-alcoholic beverage in the world after tea. Therefore, there is high demand of instant coffee globally. The machine used to process coffee is called a coffee maker or coffee machine. To meet the international standards of quality coffee, a good coffee maker is essential. These coffee makers are classified according to the grade of coffee soup they process. The machines can be used for home use or for industrial purposes. Best coffee calls for best coffee makers. The best coffee makers therefore are characterized by distinct unique features.

best coffee makers - The Best Coffee Maker Reviews

Features of Best Coffee Maker

1. Pause and Serve

This is an amazing feature that allows you to enjoy a cup of hot fresh coffee in the middle of the process before the entire brewing is done. This automated feature pause the process stopping the flow of coffee until the pot is taken back in place then the process resumes without hiccups.

2. Maker timer

This is a programmed timer that is meant to brew coffee at a particular time set. The digital timer allows you to set your preferred time of brewing. This ensures that you get your fresh coffee at any desired time either early in the morning or late in the evening after work.

3. Automated Shut-off system

This feature resembles that of an electric water heaters or kettles. Some people are ever absent-minded; therefore, setting your coffee maker shut-off immediately after achieving the required coffee threshold is important. This is good for preventing avoidable kitchen accidents. This feature can also be applied if someone is tied up with other engaging chores.

4. Reusable filters

Filters are designed to sieve ground remnants from the end product. There are two types of filters: Paper filters for processing your first few pots and metal filters that reusable and are purchased as accessories if the manufacturer does not include in the package. These filters are economical.

5. Inbuilt coffee grinders

These grinders are enclosed in the coffee maker and are designed to measure the required amount of coffee by the user. Therefore, each pot of coffee has its own freshly ground coffee.

6. Capacity

Coffee maker is able to brew coffee from one to 20 cups. Therefore, the capacity of a coffee machine will depend on individual needs; whether for a group of people, function or just for home use.

7. Hot plate

This plate keeps the coffee warm all the time. However, you should be cautious with this feature since it can burn the coffee if left one for longer time. It can also result into a safety hazard.

8. Strength setting

This feature allows you to select the preferred intensity of brewed coffee.

9. Carafe

This comes in either glass or insulated. They are meant to keep your coffee warm all the time without necessarily employing a hot plate.

10. Espresso Maker

This machine is normally considered as a separate entity in the coffee making industry but some coffee makers are manufactured with inbuilt espresso machines. These machines are responsible for forcing pressurized water almost at a boiling point through a puck of ground coffee and filtered to produce thick concentrated coffee known as espresso.

11. Water Level window

This allows you to monitor the level of water so that you can add if it’s low.

Benefits of Best coffee Maker

1. Fresh coffee product

Instead of cruising supermarket shelves for the almost expired coffee, you are able to make your own instant fresh coffee that will be sweet and sensational.

2. Convenient

This saves a lot of time since you can brew coffee directly into you cup and drink immediately and leave for your other engagements instead of waiting for a coffee pot to be full before you take.

3. Cost effective

Instead of buying coffee that you may use one or two times then it expires, you advised to only brew it when you need it most hence saving the cost of buying already made product.

4. Easy to clean

Since the makers are made of easy to clean material, the machine can remain clean all the time. This calls for less staining and little mess in the whole process.

5. Gives variety of coffee and creativity

With the machine at hand, you are free to experiment the taste of different coffee thus making you to get your desired choice of flavor. You can be creative to produce an amazing coffee product.

6. Loss of weight

Coffee harbors potassium and magnesium that triggers the body metabolism to use insulin hence regulating blood sugar level that may have led to overweight.

7. Portable

Since the coffee maker is light and easy to carry, you can use it at getaway picnics or in outdoor functions.


Among the amazing experiences in life is drinking your own processed, fresh and instant coffee. For you to acquire the best coffee makers, you have to consider the above. This will incline a section of your life into real fantasy. The machines are suitable for anybody including the hospitalized ones. The best coffee makers are found on Amazon and here are just but a sample of affordable quality machines. They include: Keurig K55 Coffee maker, Cuisinart DCC-3200 Perfect, Hamilton Beach Single Serve and SterlingPro French coffee Press 8 cup. There you go!

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