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The Best Cordless Phones Reviews

Smartphones are taking over the world, but cordless phones are being brought into homes in impressive numbers. Some cordless phones provide worthy competitions to Smartphones.

best cordless phones - The Best Cordless Phones Reviews

Feature of the Best Cordless Phones

1. Usability Issues

More modern phones have improved designs that help the user interact with it more easily. These include, easier to read buttons, voice enhanced caller ID among other features.

2. Battery Backup

A number of cordless phones that are connected to electricity fail to work in case of a power blackout unless they have a backup mechanism. Some cordless phones have a compartment in their charging base where an extra battery can be kept.

3. Weighed Performance

The voice quality should be high and the ability of the phone’s battery to hold charge should be 8 hours of continuous conversation.

4. Phonebook

Allows you to store phone numbers in your phone’s memory.

5. Identifying the Features You Want

A good number of the cordless phones come with caller ID, a speakerphone, ringer in both headset and base, and a headset jack. Always check with the phone’s website or packaging to confirm whether you are getting the features you want.

6. Return Policy

Before paying for the phone, read the return policy to know the return procedure in case you encounter any problems that are beyond your fixing capabilities.

7. Volume

If you are hard of hearing, you should get a cordless phone that has an extensive adjustment for volume both on the handset and its speaker volume should be high.

8. Bluetooth

This feature allows the interaction between home phones and mobile phones.

9. Sleep Mode

You do not want to be called at some specific times, then this feature sets your phone to not ring over that period.

10. Text to Speech

Text to speech reads the number of the caller and also announces the number when dialing the keypad.

11. Call Waiting

If someone tries to call you while you are talking to someone, this feature automatically alerts you.

12. Conferencing

This feature allows you to have an open phone conversation with other individuals with an extra handset.

13. Paging

The handset’s base allows for the paging option.

14. Call barring

If you do not want to accept calls from certain parties or you do not want other people in the house to call other parties, incoming or outgoing barring option does the job.

15. Tele-Coil

This hearing aid compatibility allows the voice of the caller to be directly fed to the hearing aid while filtering any sounds in the background.

Reason to Get a Cordless Phone

  1. They have a superior sound quality compared to Smartphones.
  2. In the case of an emergency and you dial 911, the GPS in the phone reports your location which will help fasten the rescue process.
  3. The conferencing option of cordless phones saves energy and time that could be used in calls and conversations that involve more than two people.
  4. Cordless phones can stand in for your smartphone.


The voice quality in listening and talking over corded phones in noisy households and for those who with hearing problems makes a case for them in competition with Smartphones. Corded phones should not be overlooked since they are all as important as cell phones are.

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