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The Best Dehumidifier Reviews

Have you heard of someone complaining about complications like heat stroke, muscle cramps, fatigue, fainting, dehydration and heat exhaustion? Well, all these risks are attributed to high humidity. This arises when air becomes warmer than officially recorded temperature which leads of loss of body energy and lethargy. Also, overheating or hyperthermia due to body’s failure to release out heat can be disastrous especially in high humidity. High humidity also causes skin rashes, suppressed immune systems, lung ailments, breathing disorders and gastrointestinal problems. To avoid these conditions one has to acquire one of the best dehumidifiers. A dehumidifier is household equipment designed to reduce the level of humidity in air. This is done for either medical purpose, for comfort or for removing musty odor. The best dehumidifier has some special features. These features are paramount to its superb performance.

best dehumidifier - The Best Dehumidifier Reviews

Features of Best Dehumidifier

1. Mechanical system

These units are similar to those of an air conditioner. The hot and cold coils inbuilt are responsible for drawing indoor air in, extracting moisture and then collecting the condensate in a standby tank.

2. Desiccant system

This unit uses a drying agent to extract water vapor from the environment. This works well in low temperature of low humidity and therefore it does not need a compressor.

3. Portable or Permanent Installation

Permanent dehumidifiers are normally large and bulky designed for stationary position. Portable ones are normally smaller and flexible to enhance movement from one room to another. These portable ones are light in weight.

4. Cast wheels

These are wheels used for moving the dehumidifier from one place to another. For easier portability, you are advised to purchase one with cast wheels. Majority of industrial dehumidifiers have cast wheels.

5. Continuous Drainage System

This refers to an inbuilt hose that is responsible for a continuous drainage that makes the machine more convenient. This makes the machine to work throughout without interference.

6. Silent dehumidifier

The whirring noise factor is important while selecting for best dehumidifiers. Noise level ratings show whether the machine was crudely designed or not.

7. Reusable air filter

Dehumidifiers with filters are most preferred. However, those with reusable filters are the most desirable since it reduces cost of purchasing the new filters. Filters help to improve indoor air quality.

8. Automated Shutoff system

This refers to how the dehumidifier is able to shut itself down id the collection tank becomes full of condensate to avoid spilling of collected material.

9. Auto-Restart Technology

This mechanism allows the machine to auto-restart after a power surge. The machine will maintain its previous settings after powering on.

10. Low Temperature Options and Auto-defrost

Since dehumidifiers are designed to only withstand normal temperatures, anti-frost sensors can be helpful in cold regions.

11. Ideal Humidistat

This device is used to measure the relative humidity in a household. It provides readouts that are essential for maintaining adaptive settings. It can be inbuilt or bought as a separate accessory.

12. Controls: Manual versus Electronic

Manual dehumidifiers have a dial to turn control system while the electronic one has a button-press control system. You should be decisive on which suits your situation but most people prefer electronic one.

13. Collector tank

Home dehumidifiers have detachable collection containers for emptying extracted water. The condensate is not good for use since it contains heavy metals that may be poisonous to your body.

14. Pint Level of capacity

This refers to the number of pints of moist air extracted from air in 24 hours. For household use, 70 pints or less is the optimum threshold.

Benefits of Best Dehumidifier

  1. A good dehumidifier helps to reduce dust in your home thus reducing chances of you contracting respiratory disorders.
  2.  Best dehumidifiers are cost effective since it compliments your air conditioner making it more efficient.
  3. Low humidity in your home improves drying of clothing. Cereals and bread will automatically remain fresh for a longer period of time.
  4. Low humidity also reduces corrosion and rusting of metal surfaces.
  5. Less humidity prevents skin and respiratory irritation enabling you to breathe easily with comfort.
  6. Dehumidifiers reduce chances development and growth of mold on your clothing, furniture, walls and in bathroom.
  7. They reduce musty odors that attract mildew.
  8. Dehumidifiers minimize humidity levels thus making houses less hospitable to irritating allergens.


Dehumidifiers are good for eliminating unnecessary environmental nuisances around the home. They create comfort and relation with good quality air. Asthmatic people are able to live well as the air being inhaled is of good quality. The appliance is best suitable for both home and industrial use. The best dehumidifiers found on Amazon include: Frigidaire FAD504DWD Energy Star, Keystone Energy Star Dehumidifier, Ivation IVADM 10 powerful small-size and Frigidaire FFAD033R 1 Energy star Dehumidifier.

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