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The Best Desktop Computers Reviews

Desktop computers give value for your money in terms of speed and capacity. It is impossible to find a laptop that matches the performance of a desktop at a similar cost.

best desktop computers - The Best Desktop Computers Reviews

Features of The Best Desktop Computers

1. Monitor

The measurements of the monitor should suit its intended use. The monitor displays the color coverage and contrast levels. Screen technology (either IPS technology for more vibrant colors or TN technology) also matters in the display by the monitor.

2. Storage Space

You should be having enough storage room for all your files, either documents, videos, music or images. This will give you no worry about accumulating and need to delete so as to create space for new files. Hard drives can be up to 4 terabytes.

3. Central Processing Unit

This is the heart of the computer. The processing power and the number of cores will reflect the price and the power of the computer.

4.Random Access Memory

Random Access Memory speeds up the performance of your computer when carrying out multiple tasks. For general use desktop computers, a Random Access Memory of 8GB (gigabytes) is advised.

5. Connections

Availability of USB and HDMI ports to connect your other devices like the external hard drive

6. Graphics Card

For intensive graphics programs and some high-end games, dedicated graphics cards are required for them to run. Most graphics card are usually integrated into the computer chip that runs the computer.

7. Operating System

Operating systems form the base of interactions between the user and the computer. They also handle complex tasks. The choice of operating system depends on the user’s preference.

8. Types of Desktop Computers

There are computers dedicated to specific tasks and include gaming and entertainment computers (used for 3D gaming and watching movies that are in HD) and everyday computing computers.

9. Overclocking of Graphics Cards and Processors

Helps you get to the maximum point of the system performance, though it can destroy your computer totally if not done in the right way.

10. Liquid Cooling

Does the work of a fan when the computer is being overclocked.

11. Keyboard and Mouse

Keyboard and mouse can either be wired or wireless. The wireless connection does not limit your use of the computer, unlike the wired connection.

12. Speakers

To work or play while enjoying quality sound, getting inbuilt speakers with your computer ensures you possess quality audio.

13. Webcam and Microphone

Video chatting over the internet regardless of the location is made possible with this feature. The webcam also allows you to take snapshots that you can upload to your social sites.

Reasons to Get a Desktop Computer

  1. They are cheaper compared to laptops.
  2. Desktop computers processors are more powerful than laptop processors.
  3. Many peripherals that can be plugged into the desktop computer.
  4. Since you can overclock it, the gaming experience of a desktop computer is amazing.
  5. Since you can get a large monitor, the display that is achieved makes you more productive.
  6. The fixing cost of a desktop is lower than the fixing cost of a laptop and in fact, you can at times fix your desktop computer by yourself.
  7. Desktops are durable and secure.


Provide desktops continue being cheaper, durable and powerful, they will continue to exist.

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