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The Best Espresso Machine Reviews

Coffee is a universal drink that can be enjoyed the whole day. Knowing how to make that perfect coffee either to entertain your guests, have it as breakfast or in a cappuccino is a pleasant thing. Excellent coffee can only come out of the best espresso machine. Espresso is Italian for quick.

best espresso machine - The Best Espresso Machine Reviews

Features of the Best Espresso Machine

1. Grinding Capabilities

Espresso machines, though not all, have an inbuilt grinder, which houses the ungrounded coffee beans in a canister. What the user does, is to select the amount of coffee beans that should be ground.

2. Machine Aesthetics

The best machine should certainly match with your kitchen design. Espresso aesthetics range from the sprout position, plug location to the machine’s exterior color.

3. Capacity

The quantity of the coffee you intend to be making will determine the espresso’s size you will be getting. Espresso machines being used for commercial purposes should work all day without faltering, unlike a home espresso which may overheat if used all day. The quantity of beans that the machine can hold and whether it has any external grinder should be put into perspective. The amount of water and how many cups of coffee the machine can yield should also be important aspects to be considered.

4. Storage

Coffee might be enjoyed daily, but people might not enjoy a cup of coffee daily. Espresso machines should not be bulky for your kitchen space when you want to store it away to create space. An ideal espresso machine should not take a lot of space on the counter

5. Cleaning

To ensure you continue enjoying the excellent coffee from your espresso machine, regular cleaning is paramount. With the moisture that is produced when brewing the coffee, cleaning has to be done frequently. The frothing equipment, and water receptacle should be cleaned after each use with the right soap. Good espresso machines are easily assembled and reassembled for the cleaning process.

6. Frothing Capabilities

Not only can espresso machines produce Java beverage, they have the capability of producing Americanos, machiattos and cappuccinos. So as to correctly froth milk, the machine should have a spout where pressurised milk flows from, called a frother. This feature is not in all espresso machines, but to enjoy the ultimate experience, you should certainly consider it.

Reasons you Should Have an Espresso Machine

  1. Having your own espresso machine saves you the trouble of standing in line to wait for the quality brewed coffee.
  2. With your own machine, you get to explore the different coffee brands available and are able to choose for yourself your favorite.
  3. Trying the different coffee brands also broadens your knowledge of coffee.
  4. When you own an espresso machine, you are in full control of the specifications you want in your coffee, specifications like temperature and adjusting the machines the way you want.
  5. Brewing your own coffee helps you cut the cost of buying coffee and paying for the packaging of espresso coffee pods.
  6. With an espresso machine, you are most likely to be considered the ultimate host by your friends and relatives who want to have a continuous taste of your ‘magic’ coffee.
  7. Espresso machines are good investments and guarantee to serve you for a very long time.


Espresso machines should be a must have for all those who consider themselves to be coffee enthusiasts. They make coffee taste better and are a good investment, both for the house and for commercial purposes.

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