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The Best Food Processor Reviews

Food Processor is an appliance used in the kitchen to speedup tasks in food preparation is referred to as a food processor. Most people believe that a food processor must be electrically driven; this is not true since there are also manual ones. While blenders use a fixed blade, food processors use blades and disks which are interchangeable. Also food processors don’t require liquids in order for them to work, as it is in blenders.

best food processor - The Best Food Processor Reviews

How to choose a Food Processor?

1. Blades

To ensure that you choose the best food processor, ensure that it has not one but different type of blades. These can be for grinding, chopping and other functions. Look out for the material used for making the blades. The most preferred is stainless steel because they are durable and don’t rust easily.

2. Capacity

Depending on the size of your family, choose a processor that can perfectly produce enough for that number. A large- sized food processor is convenient in such a case you get unexpected visitors.

3. Lid

Ensure that if the food processor has a lid, then the lid should be fitting and tights properly so as to avoid its contents spillage when being used.

4. Base

The best food processor should have a wider base to ensure stability thus preventing it from dancing when being used.

5. Wattage

Choose a food processor that has the ability to handle tougher tasks such as chopping raw carrots, kneading stiff dough and so on. Therefore, the more watts the better.

6. Warranty

A food processor with the longest warranty is the best because; a longer warranty may mean good quality. A food processor that also offers a warranty on its parts is also considered as the best.

7. Functions

Before you buy your food processor ensure that it can perform different functions. This you can achieve by confirming that the various blades, disks and attachments are included or even be bought separately.

8. Juicing

If you prefer a food processor that can be able to make juice, then consider to buy a processor that has a juicer so that you can perform this task.

9. Safe parts

A good food processor should not have sharp edges or cavities where food can get stack. Therefore a processor which comes with its own dish washer part is the best. This is to save you from having to manually wash the processor.

10. Feeding Tube

The chute also known as feeding tube should be wide enough so as to save you the work of pre-cutting the food incase the tube is narrow. The best food processor should have a wide chute and an optional narrower pusher to ease feeding of smaller items.

Benefits of a food processor

  • Fast: A food processor enables one to be able to prepare and serve food faster than if they didn’t have any. Since a food processor can chop, slice cut heavy food items thereby saving you such tasks.
  • Time Saving: The time that one could have been wasted chopping, cutting or slicing food can be used to do something else because these tasks are performed by the processor.
  • Easy to use: One you set it in the correct way, it is easy to carry out different tasks with a good food processor


Food processors help one to reduce the preparation time of food and also come up with new dishes. Food processors that come with juicers are useful for juicing while at the same time performing other tasks. They are also good for blending, grating, chopping and also whizzing depending on the type of processor that you have or want. Some of the best food processors: Kenwood Food processor, Andrew James Food processor and many others. These can be bought on Amazon.

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