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The Best Garbage Disposal Reviews

It is an electric device installed under the kitchen’s sink in the drain lines and pipe. This machine shreds food waste into small pieces 2mm to be able to go through plumbing.

How does Garbage Disposal work?

It appears that garbage disposal is similar to blenders but not all. Blenders have blades meanwhile garbage disposal doesn’t. Instead if you carefully look at it, you will find double impeller arms mounted an impeller that spins to force the scraps into the the shredder.

You could say that it’s the same thing to a cheese shredder however, this one has a greater speed and force. The food waste get small like liquid thus flushed down your wastewater pipes with the help of running water. Direct to the wastewater treatment plant and in the septic system.

garbage disposal - The Best Garbage Disposal Reviews

How to choose a Garbage Disposal?

It can be hectic, time-wasting to research so as to choose the best garbage disposal. With the checklist that we created for you on what you consider when purchasing it hopefully it will be of help.

1. Motor speed.

This should be the first thing to look at when you want to but a garbage disposal. They are 4 motors to choose from and they are 1/3, 1/2, 3/4 and 1.0 horsepower motor. The strongest of them being 1.0 HP while on the hand weakest being 1/3 HP. When you’re to grind only soft non-fibrous vegetables, well 1/3 or 1/2 would be appropriate, but for sure you won’t be disposing only vegetable scraps.

However, these models have almost no insulation. For that it is important to choose 3/4 or 1.0 horsepower garbage disposal because of less jam, smoother operation, no noise due to insulation, finer food waste and no stress on clogging in the sink’s drain lines in the wastewater system.

2. Noise level.

Mostly 3/4 and 1.0 motors have insulation features that reduces noise levels. Meanwhile 1/3 HP and 1/2 HP doesn’t since their mainly focus on the lower price rather affordability. You will find that 1.0 HP are quieter than 1/3 HP because of they are made with efficient insulation materials. Most users find 3/4 HP garbage disposal quiet enough.

3. Anti-jamming features.

3/4 and 1.0 HP have anti-jamming features that either increases the torque of breaking the food waste or turning the other direction in case it finds resistance hence keep things unclogged. This will be useful in case you that person who uses their garbage disposal.

4. Septic system.

Disposer in a septic system is not that good since you wouldn’t want some organic materials in the septic field, there’re models that comes with liquid enzyme attached that helps to break down food waste. If you happen to septic field it’s advised to get InSinkErator Evolution septic assistant since it is highly rated.

5. Continuous Feed vs Batch Feed.

There are two types of garbage disposals: continuous feed and batch feed. Continuous feed works by inserting food waste in a steady stream while the garbage disposal is switched on. Batch feed works by inserting food waste in “batches” and then turning the garbage disposal on manually.

People associate batch feed as the safer option because it’s hard to drop unwanted items and body parts into the disposer. But continuous feed disposers get the job done faster.


It’s essential to have it since food materials will go down to the underground sewers and water treatment plant with ease, where they get processed into renewable products like fertilizers, it’s eco friendly also relieves you from clogging issues in your sink. This is one sure importance to ones kitchen who had problems with their sinks blockage

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