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The Best Hiking Backpacks Reviews

Mountaineering or mountain hiking is a very adventurous expedition. This activity creates freshness and raises self esteem especially when you conquer the peak of mountains. Mountains like Everest and K2 have in the past proved to be hard nuts to crack. Actually, mission adventures on these two specific mountains have been catastrophic leading to disastrous endings. Therefore, one should brace up well with the correct hiking outfit and best backpacking to conquer such challenging peaks. The main hiking equipment include: Backpack, summit pack or daypack, pack cover, tent/tarp/bivy sack (with stakes, guylines), sleeping bag, tent-pole repair sleeve, footprint and compression or stuff sack. With the above items, you are destined for a successful hiking expedition. Today, we are evaluating the most important item which is a hiking backpack. This equipment is used for carrying food, clothing, bedding, water, shelter, stove, cooking kit among others. However, weight of the luggage is an important factor to consider while having an outdoor recreation. Most backpacking trips consist of at least one night but some can last for many weeks or months. Therefore, you should arm yourself with the best hiking backpacks.

best hiking backpacks - The Best Hiking Backpacks Reviews

Features of Best Hiking Backpacks

1. Capacity of the backpack

This is determined by the length of the hiking expedition. Remember, the weight of the load determines the pace of the expedition. Bulky backpacks are not good for a long distance mission.

2. Backpack fit

The torso length and not your length are paramount in selecting the best hiking backpack. The right fit provides a size appropriate for your torso length. The snug grip on your hips should create comfort.

3. Torso length

Since they are available in multiple sizes ranging from small to large size, you should select your based on gender and specific details. Adjustable suspension and harness are available for modifying torso length and weight addition respectively.

4. Waist Size

Most of these backpack weigh at least 80% of what the hips should support. Hip-belts accommodate wide range of hip sizes. The sizes can allow for swapping to ensure every hiker is comfortable with the waist fitting.

5. Women-modified backpacks

These backpacks have smaller frame sizes to gear well with young backpackers of any gender. Torso lengths are left short and narrow as compared to the men’s. The shoulder straps and hip-belts are modified to fit women curves.

6. Hydration reservoir

This is common to almost all backpacks and offers internal sleeve to slip in a hydration reservoir with multiple hose portals for sip tubes.

7. Rain cover

This is a waterproof fabric item that prevents rain drops seeping through zippers and seams and also absorbs water weight in case of heavy downpour.

8. Attachment points

These are points that allow attachment of other hiking accessories like ice axe or trekking poles. Loops are design to allow these exterior attachments.

9. Padding

This is basically designed to reduce sore spots on your hips and lower back. Cushier hip belts are good in enhancing this.

10. Sleeping Bag Compartment

This is usually zippered stash spot at the base of the pack for keeping a sleeping bag.

Benefits of Best Hiking Backpacks

1. Creates comfort during the expedition

With the right choice, these packs are designed to create balance with the load on your back. This ensures that less strain is exerted on your body. With extra padding, desired comfort is attained.

2. Easy to move around

Backpacks make movement easier with no worry of dragging a rolling suitcase on rough terrain. It helps one to easily maneuver in a crowd of people or in the bush.

3. Organized way of travelling

These packs are modified to accommodate MP3 players, water bottles, PDA, Passports or subway tokens. This ensures that all your documents are safe as you enjoy sweet music while hiking.

4. Protecting items

This refers to situations with extreme weather conditions where your MP3 player won’t be soaked in water since the pack is completely waterproof. Those made of Polywick fabric, ballistic nylon or other water resistant materials are best for outdoor recreational trips.

5. Easily stowed and stored

This refers to how simple these backpacks can be stored in overhead bins of buses, trains or aircrafts. The compression straps clinch the packs down to reduce space occupied.

6. Enhance good sight while travelling

Unlike carrying luggage on your head, these backpacks ensure the hiker has good sight of especially where you are heading to and whom you are travelling with.

7. Weight loss

The weight on your back exerts pressure on your body with minimal strain that is important for breaking down your fat. It is an important form of exercise.

8. Backpacking is good for mental fitness

This is done by reducing stress through releasing endorphins that are responsible to making you happy. Taking fresh air and breath also revitalizes your inner feeling thus nurturing your wellness.


As a result of the above, you are in a good position to sample out the best hiking backpacks that can fully fulfill your goals. You should be careful to solicit one that will make you move with the rest of the trekking team. The best hiking backpacks are found on Amazon and are suitable for any altitude and terrain. These include: High Sierra Loop Backpack, High Sierra Swerve Backpack. 11 Tactical, 1 Day Rush Backpack and Tortuga Travel Backpack, and 44 Liter Carry-On-Sized Backpack.

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