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The Best Lawn Mowers Reviews

People build elegant homes with beautiful gardens and they grow expensive hybrid grass lawns which when maintained well can be a haven of its own kind. However, this rarely becomes the case due to issues arising from landscaping and poor lawn mowing. A standard home should have a compound which should at least have grass lawns in appreciation of environment and nature. Grass lawns like any other home spaces or household equipment should be taken good care of. They make homes look more beautiful and eye-catchy. Just to take you a little bit away, have you been keen with football stadia in Europe? The Emirates, Old Trafford or Stamford Bridge fields; they are among the most furnished pitches with well décor grass lawns that you may mistake to be carpets. All this beauty is as a result of a good lawn more. A lawn mower is a machine with revolving blades used to cut grass surfaces to even heights. The design of the mower determines the height and patterns of the cut grass. However, lawn mowers can be adjusted to fit particular requirements of the user. The best lawn mower has unique features designed to make it deliver the best.

best lawn mowers - The Best Lawn Mowers Reviews

Features of Best Lawn Mowers

1. Type of Engine

Lawn mower engines range from 140cc to 190cc. Larger engines are best for cutting tough conditions like wet and tall grass, leafy mulching, bagging or weed clearing. However small engines are designed for home use since there is not much at home to do.

2. Drive

This refers on how you intend to move your mower or how you power it. Some walk mowers are simply pushed by hand while others are inbuilt with drive system that is able to turn their front and rear wheels. Push mowers are good for small, flat yard while the self-propelled one cover medium to large yards.

3. Drive Control

Control systems vary from one mower to another. There are four ways of controlling your drive system: Thumb-pushed lever, Squeezed handbrake-like lever, bail squeezed handle or telescoping handle for increased speed. You are advised to select a lever that is comfortable for you avoid doing a shoddy work.

4. Machine functions

This refers to a variety of roles that a particular mower is able to do. This can be mulching, clippings discharge out the deck, or collecting the clippings. A mower with at least three functions is the best you.

5. Oil-fill or gas tank locations

This refers to how convenient you are to check, add gas or oil to the lawn mower. Easy accessibility of these locations reduces time wastage and maximizes machine efficiency.

6. Air filter

Filters are normally covered to avoid choking. Therefore, a good mower should have a cover that can be easily removed. However, large expensive mowers possess large, pleated paper filters with more dirt trapping surface area. They are therefore best for dirty and dusty conditions. Simple mowers on the other hand, use foam moist filters with a oil.

7. Blade brake clutch

This is a mechanism designed to allow you to disengage the drive system, stopping the blade and walk away with the engine still running. Though it’s an expensive feature, it helps in reduces ob and offs of the mower.

8. Wash-out fitting mechanism

This system assists to connect a hose to the deck and clean the accumulated clippings from below the deck. Threading the nozzle is necessary for both small and large mowers

9. Length of rear wheels

Tall rear wheels assist the mower to easily move especially on rough surfaces.

10. Front caster wheels allow the user to support the rear drive mower for maximum maneuvering.

Benefits of Best Lawn Mowers

  1. Best lawn mowers deliver the best cosmetic benefit for lawn maintenance. A well mowed lawn provides a soothing sense and captures the eye of everyone. This makes visitors rate you highly,
  2. It is a good way of combating weeds since it removes about one-third f the total grass length. Therefore, grass is able to recover much faster than weeds.
  3. Push mowing assists you in doing exercises that are good for your body development. You stand to kill two birds with one stone.
  4. Regular mowing helps the lawns to grow uniformly and consistently.
  5. It helps n controlling pests thus leaving your lawns beautiful and healthy.
  6. Reduces accumulation of debris that could later become hard to remove.
  7. Mulching helps to retain moisture in the soil that is required for growth of lawns.
  8. Repetitive mowing helps in nurturing best growing grass with best shoots being proliferated and visible in nature.
  9. The best lawn mowers are environmentally friendly, hassle-free and quieter.
  10. The mower is safer in terms of usage and repair.
  11. The mowers are much cheaper especially on Amazon.


Best Lawn Mowers are becoming a necessity since homes are becoming smaller necessitating a quicker way of cleaning or decorating. The best way is using lawn mowers. Also, lack manual workers or gardeners have led people to be self-reliant opting for lawn mowers which are a better option. Most best lawn mowers are suitable for both home and for commercial use. The best lawn mowers are found on Amazon and they include: Green Works 25112 13 Amp 21-inch, Yardwise 23630-YW Lawn Sweeper 21-inch, Sun Joe MJ401E Mow Joe 14-inch 12Amp and BLACK+DECKER MTE912 6.5-Amp electric.

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