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The Best Leaf Blowers Reviews

It is sometimes very difficult to manage the compound by getting rid of leaves that have been shed down by trees in the compound. This is because these leaves can become too many such that the usual manual sweeping will take such a longer time. Manual sweeping of leaves and the grasses can also be so slow that by the time one is through, other leaves might have been shed making the effort and work done to seem so useless. It is due to these reasons that a leaf blower comes in to save the day. A device used to propel air out of a nozzle to get rid or move leaves and a grass cutting is referred to as a leaf blower.

best leaf blowers - The Best Leaf Blowers Reviews

Factors to consider to choose Leaf Blowers

To get the best leaf blower that will ensure that you are able to achieve your goal of cleaning your compound effectively and also get value for your money is very difficult. This is because leaf blowers come in different models; style and also the type of energy used for them to work are different. It is due to this reason that certain factors should be put into consideration so as to get the best leaf blower.

These factors include:

1. Speed

Consider settling for a leaf blower that has higher CFM which is the speed at which air is blown out of the blower. A higher CFM means that more leaves will be blown in a shorter period of time thus faster and more effective.

2. Location of leaves

If you are looking for the best leaf blower for blowing leaves away from driveways or even decks, then the best type of leaf blower for you will be light-duty electric blower. These blowers can be with a cord or even cordless.

3. Noise

To avoid disruptions and also disturbance of your neighbors, select a leaf blower that produces little or no noise. This will enable you to work effectively and at the same time having a good rapport with your surrounding neighbors. The best type of leave blower for this is one which comes with a noise dampening feature.

4. Durability

It is very important to select a type of leaf blower which can withstand constant wear and tear, so that you will not have to replace it most of the time.

5. Cord

To ensure effective cleaning and even being able to reach hard to reach places such as top of roofs, settle for a cordless leaf blower to ease your job.

6. Ease of operation

Select a leaf blower that will not give you a hard time to start and use. Such a device will enable you enjoy your cleaning procedure. A good choice for this is a cordless handheld leaf blower which will only need switching on and off.

7. Warranty

Select a brand that offers a longer warranty as this will assure you of good quality and replacement incase the leaf blower gets faulty within the stipulated warranty period.

8. Size of yard

If you have a bigger yard then a gas-powered leaf blower is the best option for you. Since gas powered leaf blower is more powerful and can tackle bigger jobs.

There are many more factors that should be put into consideration, therefore always ensure that you get all the facts right before buying a given leaf blower.

Benefits of having the best leaf blower

Leaf blowers have a number of benefits that makes them the best option to be used to blow leaves especially in winter. These benefits include

  1. Leaf blowers cannot only be useful in blowing of leaves but can also be used in cleaning gutters and sometimes roofs.
  2. Less effort is needed when using a leaf blower as compared to when using a rake and a broom. Leaf blower is also faster and therefore saves on time and cost.
  3. A leaf blower is able to reach areas that may seem very difficult for a rake to reach and clean.
  4. A leaf blower can be used for cleaning in any type of weather. This is not the case with rakes as they cannot be able to effectively work unless it is a sunny day.
  5. Leaf blowers can be able to get rid of a large pile of leaves with a lot of ease. This may not be the case with rakes, as it is quite difficult to clean a large pile of leaves.

Leaf blowers have more benefits that make them such a good tool to use for cleaning leaves.


Best leaf blowers are suitable for cleaning own compounds and also commercial places. They can also be suitable for cleaning gutters and also top of roofs which might be quite a task when using rakes. There are a number of leaf blowers found on the amazon.com website. These include: 7Amp Single Speed Electric Blower (Green works), another example of leaf blower is WG509 Electric TriVac Blower. There are many more models that can be found on amazon.com and also other outlets. All you have to do is select the best that will enable you achieve your desired goals of cleaning whatever place, compound or a commercial place. All the best as you select the one that suit your needs.

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