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The Best Metal Detectors Reviews

Many crimes occur at private and public function areas across the globe. These areas range from homes, schools, restaurants, offices, banks, mosques, churches, clubs, to national or state functions. These assault crimes involve use of crude weapons, short guns, machetes, swords, grenades, IEDs, sticky bombs, machine guns, among others. These crimes can actually be reduced or eliminated through prevention. Prevention can be done through monitoring and detection of weapons used to do the crimes. A metal detector refers of electronic device designed to detect presence of metal within the target area. This device reveals metal inclusions hidden in objects or buried underground. These devices are mainly handheld and use inbuilt sensors to probe carried objects or swept over the ground. If the sensors detect metals, they trigger light indicators that sequentially transmit alarm or alert tones in your earphones. Some have moving needles that may stick in a certain location detected with metal. This gadget has off late become useful in security screening especially to access certain sensitive points like courthouses, airports, banks, prisons, hotels, among others. They are designed to detect concealed metal weapons carried by accomplices.

best metal detectors - The Best Metal Detectors Reviews

Features of Best Metal Detectors

1. Coil Technology

A coil is responsible for sending a magnetic field below the surface to magnetize metals and enable the receiver to detect them. This can be aided by Very Low Frequency (VLF) technology for objects in shallow water or pulse induction for deep water detection.

2. Size of the coil

The diameter of the search coil determines the depth of a metal detector’s search. Therefore, unlike smaller coils, large coils produce large fields of detection hence the field is proportionate to the detected object size.

3. Identification of Target

This features enables identification of the metal object detected allowing you to look for it wherever it is. Target IDs are therefore are classified with ability to identify quarters, copper pennies, dimes, half dollars, pull tabs, iron, nickel or foil.

4. Tone ID

The conductivity of the metal allows the detector to emit different audio tones. For example, high value coins produce high-pitched tone.

5. Detector Battery Indicator

This is simply an indicator designed to monitor the batteries of the detector. You will be able to known if the device’s batteries need to be recharged or replaced.

6. Multiple Modes

This refers to different mode detection classifications that a detector is able to tabulate. These include pinpoint mode, tone discriminate mode, full-discriminate mode and all-metal detection.

7. Operating Frequency

Measured in kilohertz (kHz), it refers to the number of times each signal is conveyed and received by the device in a second.

Benefits of Best Metal Detectors

  1. Enhancing security: These hand held detectors have taken security to another level. With the quality ones, you are to detect and prevent a yet-to-happen crime saving lives and prohibiting damages.
  2. It is a basic way of monitoring terrorism and related issues and curbing them before they happen.
  3. They can be used to scan presence of metallic minerals or buried treasure underground.
  4. They can be used to classify unidentified metals through the emitted signals shown on the indicators.
  5. The gadgets are simple, easy to use and cheap to the buyer.
  6. In the medical field. They can be used efficiently to detect metal objects in human bodies as compared to exposure to X-ray.
  7. They are quicker in giving response than any other instrument.


In summary, metal detectors are quite relevant for security, amateur treasure quest and archaeological surveys. You are therefore advised to consider the above while buying the device. Several types and models are easily available in the market hence you should be careful to authenticate the best quality detectors. However, with technological advancement, more sophisticated detectors are being manufactured to tabulate exact and real time results. At the moment, the best metal detectors found on Amazon are: Garrett 1140900 Pro-Pointer, Ace 250 Metal detector, Garrett 1165190 Super Scanner V and Bounty Hunter BHJS Junior.

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