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The Best Miter Saws Reviews

Cutting wooden products sometimes may prove to be disastrous. You may experience haphazard cutting if you use a tool not well designed to suit the job. Many architectural designs are produced through ideal fine art curving that can only be achieved using the right saw. Doors and door frames of robust institutions like banks, courtrooms, sensitive government offices, among others are made with great precision to achieve desired purposes. Specially desired saws are used to accomplish this work. A miter saw is a powered tool designed precisely to make quick and accurate crosscuts in a wooden work-piece at any angle of choice. This saw is predominantly used in frame operations and cutting molds. Miter saw is normally small in size and quite portable. It uses common blade sizes that range from eight to twelve inches. Miter saw cuts by pulling a spinning circular saw blade down on the work piece in a controlled but short motion. A miter saw can easily be distinguished from others by its miter index which allows blade angle to adopt flexible blade changes relative to the fence.

best miter saws - The Best Miter Saws Reviews

Features of Best Miter Saws

1. Digital displays

This provides an easy to read bevel and other miter setting information.

2. Laser guides and guide lights

These features are used to project beams of light or cast shadows onto work pieces. This helps you to get accurate guide cuts.

3. Flip and sliding fences

These provide support to taller stock for standard miter cutting. It also allows you to slide or flip them out of the way making the bevel cuts or for supporting longer work pieces.

4. Table extensions

They are meant to connect to the sides of the miter saw and for supporting longer stock to achieve accurate cuts.

5. Dust bags

These are mounted directly to the miter saw to collect sawdust.

6. Blowers and dust chutes

These assist in moving sawdust from the cutting area.

7. Shaft or spindle locks

They help in immobilizing the shaft and blade thus simplifying changing of blades.

8. Amps

They are designed to measure the power of the motor. Powerful motors translate to higher amps hence more cutting.

9. Blade size

The larger the blade diameter, the longer the cuts but most miters saw sizes are 8, 10 and 12 inches.

10. Positive stops

Refers to the manufacturer’s settings devised to enhance quick and precise cuts at specific angles.

11. Depth stops

This controls the depth of cuts in a work piece.

12. Electric brakes

These brakes reverse the flow of power on the motor after releasing the trigger. They also enhance quick stops of the saw.

13. Articulated blade guards

This feature keeps the guard clear of the stock for you to have a better view of the cutting line.

14. Saw safety

This saw is quite dangerous to operate hence you should solicit one with clear safety features like electric brakes and fence guards.

15. Saw handle for absorbing shock

Due to the saw motor, the saw may produce a lot of vibrations that may sometimes be irritating. Inbuilt handle shock absorbing material are good to reduce the trembling effect during cutting.

Benefits of Best Miter Saws

  1. You are able to achieve your desired cuts without necessarily gambling.
  2. Miter saw is easy to use compared to other power tools. Therefore, any person who has never seen the saw can comfortably use it.
  3. Saves you time: Since the saw is powered, it is a quick enough with wider cuts of work pieces as compared to the manual saws. This greatly minimizes time spent.
  4. Offers different types of cuts: This is evident with a variety of angles the saw is able to curve out in a work piece. This enhances wider cuts ranging from cutting crown moldings to simple wooden framing.
  5. Quality of cuts: This offers smooth and quality cuts. Stock is cut accurately with good evenness. Therefore, you shouldn’t be worried of rough edges and cuts.
  6. Ability to cuts at different angles: With a miter saw, you can set a variety of angles for cutting without stopping. You need to preset the angles on the saw and proceed for amazing results.
  7. Precision and accuracy

The saw has a locking feature ideal for shaping work pieces at desired angles.


Therefore, you should not be worried of working on your timber work pieces. Cutting work has been made easier and faster. You only need to be quite keen and sensitive in selecting best miter saws. These saws are suitable for anyone be it trained or untrained carpenters. It guides you to producing the desired products out of timber. The best miter saws found on Amazon are: Hitachi C 10FCE2 15-Amp 10-inch, Bosch 5312 12-Inch Dual Bevel, DEWALT DW715 15-Amp 12-inch Single Bevel and DEWALT DWS780 12-Inch Double Bevel.

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