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The Best Pressure Washer Reviews

A picture of peeled paints, dust particles, mud, grime, molds or general dirt gives a bad appearance to surfaces like building walls, motor vehicles bodies, boats or even household floors. Sometimes, efforts made to clean up these surfaces do not bear any fruit forcing owners to ignore and stay with them the way they are. Repainting of surfaces with remnants of the previous paint can be a daunting work. Therefore, one needs a specialized equipment to clean these surfaces before repainting or using them. A pressure washer is designed to specifically clean surfaces stained with various insolvents or dirt. The pressure washer contains a high powered motor that runs a high pressure water pump, horse and a trigger gun switch that exerts enormous pressure to these surfaces peeling of the remains of paint, mud or any other dirt stuck on surfaces. Different surfaces require different types of pressure washers with a range of nozzles used. Some washers are modified to have detergent injectors designed to introduce the detergent in water and channel it in the stream hence making cleaning process very effective and efficient.

best pressure washer - The Best Pressure Washer Reviews

How to choose Pressure Washer?

To get a perfectly desired pressure washer, one has to consider a number of factors. These include:

1. The purpose of the pressure washer

This refers to whether the washer is meant for residential or commercial purpose. The amount of work for the two differs. For commercial purposes, one will need a robust washer that can work continuously for clients for long hours. It requires a little bit more gallons per minute pressure and more pounds per square inch (PSI). This will ensure effective performance and excellent service delivery.

2. Flexibility/Ease of use

Bulky framed pressure washers are sometimes very cumbersome to work with and can be frustrating especially on mobility. A large unit but easily movable and flexible with a simple and strong frame is better than a bulky one. Well balanced large wheels make the washer to be mobile and user friendly.

3. The size and shape of a nozzle

The nozzle determines the resistance of pressure generated by the pump. Well designed nozzles focus on the targeted area of application with calculated pressure to remove the paint or mud. The shape of these nozzles determines the range in power and width of the sprays.

4. Compatibility with detergent application

A good pressure washer is modified with a feature that allows a detergent or cleaner to be dissolved in water to break tough grime or dirt that may have permanently stained the surface.

5. Durability and life span

This refers to the quality of its design, material used and components assembled. A pressure washer with the highest quality attracts higher prices with a longer life expectancy. This will also go hand in hand with the manufacturer’s warranty that seems to assure the user on the quality of the washer.

6. Source of power

This machine uses a lot of energy due to the amount of pressure it generates. Some machines use gas pumps while others use electric power. A good washer should be electric but of energy efficiency. It should be able to produce desired pressure with preferred power consumption.

7. Choice of brand

One has to do enough research to identify which manufacturer or brand commonly works well. Blind purchases leads to counterfeit products that won’t even last for a month. One has to solicit information from client reviews of trusted distributors and stores.

The above factors together with others can lead one to purchase the best desired pressure washer that is capable of optimally giving high performance. Such a pressure washer has a variety of benefits.

Benefits of the pressure washer

1. Improves the value of a home/household

This refers to the real estate business where a pressure washed home is considered to carry higher prices as compared to those that are washed ordinarily. The National Association of Realtors approximates a price increase of between $10,000 and $15,000.

2. Cost effectiveness

Pressure washer is the easiest and fastest way of cleaning inaccessible areas and stains on surfaces. One can spend more on scrubbers, brushes or chemicals to get off the stains yet pressure washer can do it in a few minutes.

3. Efficiency

This offers a much far better cleaning as compared to ordinary scrubbing. It does the work perfectly and in a short period of time.

4. Income earner

For commercial purposes, the pressure washer can pump in considerable amount of money relatively close to the mainstream business since its services are on high demand sometimes. This can also lower unemployment through youthful people erecting “Car Wash” shades that will make them be self-reliant.


The best pressure washer is suitable for cleaning areas difficult to reach manually and high pressure removes hard stains. It’s also suitable for people with limited flexibility for example the handicapped, the elderly and expectant women. The best pressure washers found on Amazon.com include: Sun Joe SPX300 Pressure Joe 2030, Simpson Cleaning MSH3125-S 3100 PSI and Generac 6922 2,800PSI 2.4GPM, among other types.

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