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The Best Rice Cooker Reviews

Looking at the rice we have eaten in our houses, at a friends’ house, a restaurant, or at a certain event we can all agree on one thing; there was a difference in the tastes of the rice. Some had the best taste we have ever had while some had a taste we wish never to remember. The reason could be in the difference in the quality of the rice or the ingredients that were used in the preparation. But more often it all comes down to the preparation mode of the rice and if a quality rice cooker was used.

best rice cooker - The Best Rice Cooker Reviews

Features of the Best Rice Cooker

1. Timer

The microcomputer calculates how long rice will take to cook.

2. Easy to Clean

Nonstick inner pans are easy to wash. The other types require the inner pan to be soaked before finally being able to get off the sticky rice.

3 Capacity

The capacity of the best rice cooker is proportional to the number of people you are preparing the rice for. Rice cookers capacity ranges from three cups to ten cups. Their design allows them to operate properly with a specific amount of rice and water. Overfilling a small capacity can create a mess when the water boils over.

4. Fuse protector

If you decide to leave the rice cooker unattended to, the fuse protector trips and prevents any possible fires.

5. Auto Cord Reel

In households with kids, pets, and even adults, the reel keeps the cord out of the way preventing the cooker from being knocked off the counter.

6. Fuzzy Logic Advantage

A press on the Menu Select key avails the multiple cooking menus for different rice like white rice and mixed rice.

7. Quick Cook Function

This feature allows you to bypass the soaking time and go straight to the cooking. If you are in a hurry at times, this feature is of much use.

8. Reheat Cycle

Warms the rice back to the appropriate temperature and then maintains the temperature.

9. Texture Setting

If you want your rice softer, firmer or regular, the texture setting allows you to select the texture you want.

10. Induction Heating Technology

This technology heats the whole pan uniformly by induction producing a uniformly cooked meal.

Reasons to Buy a Rice Cooker.

  1. 1. Rice cookers are cheap.
  2. Rice cookers can be used for other purposes apart from cooking rice like vegetable steaming.
  3. Regulated heat in the rice cooker when cooking prevents the rice water from spilling over and creating a mess unlike when you use a pot.
  4. The timer in a rice cooker allows you to load rice and water before leaving the house for work in the morning, and have it ready for dinner in time.
  5. Having a rice cooker allows you to multitask while still cooking since there is no possibility of burnt out rice unlike when using a pot where you have to check the rice from time to time.
  6. If you use a rice cooker to prepare rice, the chances of getting good results are high.


If you need quality rice that will make your friends envy your cooking skills and always come back for more, then get a rice cooker to help you stand out. When getting the best rice cooker, always look to see whether it answers most if not all of your rice-cooking questions. Rice cookers can also be found in online shops.

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