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The Best Robotic Vacuum Reviews

Most home owners face a big challenge of cleaning their households. This problem is mainly experienced in houses that have inaccessible areas like far-end corners, under-beds, floor mats, among other areas. Also handicapped people and the elderly may not be able to clean houses on their own. Today, this house chore has been simplified by robotic science technology. A robot is a device that’s mechanically programmed to perform tasks as well as interact with the environment around it. This can be accomplished without using human interaction. Robotics therefore is scientific technology responsible for the design, manufacturing and application of robots. A robotic vacuum is an independent vacuum cleaner with its own intelligent programming and a limited vacuum cleaning system. Also known as Robovac or sweeper, this device has an air pump with centrifugal fan that create partial vacuum for sucking up dirt and dust especially on floors, draperies or upholstery surfaces. This waste material is then collected by either a cyclone or a dust-bag for later disposal. The device is used in homes and industries hence vary in models and sizes. A variety of robotic vacuum lie in the market but the best have special features and are found on Amazon.

best robotic vacuum - The Best Robotic Vacuum Reviews

Features of Best Robotic Vacuum

1. iAdapt Responsive Cleaning Technology (Roomba)

This technology is best for finding debris and dirt using Dirt Detect Series 2 that employs acoustic and optical sensors. These sensors assist in locating where dirt and debris have accumulated and the device cleans such areas more. The technology is also responsible for cleaning the way you would, allowing vacuums along the wall edges and can also push past soft obstacles.

2. Visual Localization

This is the ability to expand the coverage through extrapolation technique to the entire level of your house using the technology of iRobot’s proprietary vSLAM. This is able to create visual landmarks to retain track of its current or past location.

3. Recharge and Resume

This amazing feature with inbuilt full capacity memory allows the robot vacuum to continuously run for at least two hours. When the charge runs out, it will then automatically recharge itself and resume cleaning where it had left to completion.

4. Carpet Boost

This feature provides a maximum of ten times the air power three. This enhances automatic performance increase of the Gen 3 motor on rugs, mats and carpets especially in inaccessible areas with hidden dirt and dust.

5. AeroForce 3-Stage Cleaning System

This is a system designed to enhance agitation, extraction and suction of dust or dirt thus leaving a totally clean surface.

6. Press CLEAN Anywhere

This is a technology that allows you to connect robot vacuum to start cleaning your surfaces from anywhere using the iRobot HOME App.

7. App-Based Support System

This is designed to give you tips, tricks and any needed support. This can be accessed by downloading the app on your phone and use it anywhere any time.

8. Simple Scheduling and Cleaning Customization

The iRobot HOME app allows you to do automatic scheduling of the robot vacuum to perform cleaning at least seven times per week. Hence your home can remain clean even if you are out on a vacation. This enables the cleaner to do unique home customized cleaning with special or personalized preferences.

9. Cleaning method

The device optimizes cleaning for different surfaces with different sizes and spaces. Pro-Clean system is designed for both vibrating

10. Cleaning Modes

This is a feature that shows different types of cleaning modes at the press of a button ranging from sweeping to mopping.

11. Cleaning Behavior

This is where a robot vacuum performs cleaning differently for either mopping or sweeping.

12. Washable and disposable pads

These pads are easy to clean and can be used over and over especially when maintained well.

13. Return to starting point

This feature allows the device to automatically return home and shut down itself.

Benefits of Best Vacuum Cleaner

1. Saves you time

Since most people are always busy, this device can really come in hand in assisting you perform cleaning duties. This can greatly save you time that you could have spent cleaning the home.

2. Application on different surfaces

A good robot vacuum should be able to clean well different surfaces like wooden floors, plastic covered floors, carpets, door mats, linoleum and concrete. This can be done by just changing the settings to suit a particular surface.

3. Detection of all levels of dirt

Unlike manpower, the technology for detecting dust or dirt in these devices ensures a detailed cleaning process for specific dirt detected hence enhancing proper cleaning.

4. Small, Compact and easy to store.

This device is normally smaller than upright or canister vacuum cleaner. This allows them to be easily carried and stored in small spaces. This makes them ideal for condominiums, apartments, and other livings units.

5. Cleans faster

The robot vacuum is self-sufficient and self-operating hence it helps you to maximize the amount you spent cleaning your home. It does cleaning faster and efficiently.

6. Good for handicapped and elderly people

Instead of these groups of people getting stressed on how they will strain cleaning their home, they will just comfortably set the device to do this for them.

7. Most economical and cost effective

Their prices have recently drastically fallen due to the several qualified manufacturers coming on board. It is easy to own a decent quality vacuum cleaner at a cheaper price.

8. Boundary setting

This enables other partitioned spaces of the home to be used for other purposes while the device is cleaning others. One set, the device will be limited to its boundary.

9. User friendly

Once his device is programmed for a given chore or space and timed well, the machine will virtually run itself without human interference.

10. Efficient

The device has a memory of getting the past space layout, collect dump collected dirt and heading to charging station. This makes them self sufficient.


Best robot vacuum can really assist you in performing jobs that you could have wasted a lot energy and time doing. These devices are suitable for both household and industrial purposes. Any person can use the devices since they are self operating and self sufficient. The best robot vacuums found on Amazon are: ILIFE A4 Robot Vacuum cleaner, iRobot 650 Robotic Vacuum cleaner, iRobot Roomba 614 Robotic Vacuum Cleaning and iRobot Braava 380t Mopping Robot.

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