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The Best Smokers Reviews

Have you ever tasted smoked beef or fish? Did you notice any difference from other methods of cooking? You must be still salivating till now. Smoking is an awesome and healthy way of cooking or preserving food. Smoked food has its own unique taste that makes someone remember the day he ate smoked fish. Smoking is one of the methods of cooking or preserving food that involves flavoring of food by subjecting it to smoke from smoldering or burning wooden material. The most common foods smoked are meat and fish although vegetables and cheese are evidently smoked. This method of cooking dates back in the Pre-Cambrian period of Stone Age. It is shocking that until today, the method is still appreciated as one of the best. Equipment used to smoke food is called smoker. Smokers differ with technology and sizes. There are household smokers and industrial one. The best smoker can be found on Amazon with the latest technologies.

best smokers - The Best Smokers Reviews

Features of Best Smokers

1. Size

These machines are available in different sizes. You have the choice to pick the one that best suits you. If you are a fan of house parties or pool parties, then a smaller smoker best describes your needs. Gig functions calls for bigger smokers.

2. Strength of material used to build the smoker

Best smokers are fabricated from sturdy material that are resistant to all forms of destruction like heat, falls, and weather, among others. You should choose a smoker that you are comfortable with for maintenance.

3. Energy efficiency

A good smoker is one that consumes less energy in meal preparation. Energy efficient smoker ensures use of less material. Remember, this method of cooking employs use of mainly smoke hence you should not waste a lot of firewood as if fire will be that necessary.

4. Easy to use / user friendly

This refers mostly to party where anybody would want to smoke his/her meat or fish. One should be able to do easily.

5. Design of the smoker

A smoker with a good design can blend very well with the décor of your home. Hence make a good choice while purchasing.

6. Self-Opening smoker

This enables you to avoid coming in contact with the lid as the smoker itself does that at a press of a button. The best smoker has a top that comes with a spring hidden to retain the position of the lid in disregard of whether it’s open or closed.

7. Uniform Heat distribution

A smoker with an even distribution of heat delivers the best cooked food. Uniform distribution of heat ensures properly cooked meals.

8. Safety

Since the equipment uses a lot of heat, you should be extra cautious especially at parties where participants may drink alcohol and try to smoke their food endangering where safety.

9. Double layer for refraction

Insulation prevents loss of heat rather helps to maintain optimum temperature necessary for food preparation. Reduction in air flow enables food to cook slowly but perfectly.

10. Avoid Asbestos Material

Smokers made from Asbestos material are a health hazard since these material harbor cancerous cells that can be taken up by humans.

Benefits of Best smokers

  1. Smoking reduces the fat content on meat or fish. This makes food healthy and nutritious reducing the chances of getting obese due to fat.
  2. Smoking improves your appetite towards certain foods like fish or meat. The sweet smell that emanates from smoked meat makes one to have appetite for it.
  3. Smoked foods are not carcinogenic hence they are fit for human consumption. Marinating meat by using vinegar makes it safer.
  4. Smoked food maintains the familial ties and bonds among people. Smoking Salmon needs less temperature as compared to meet.
  5. Smoking improves the taste of food hence gets people eating more than ever.
  6. Smoking gives a unique experience of cooking food other than boiling and frying.


A good smoker is one that can deliver a good smoked food. These smokers vary according to the source of heat. These range from firewood, gas to electric. People have different preferences depending to their traditional setup, function or taste. There are a number of these smokers on Amazon. These include: Char-Broil American Gourmet Offset smoker, Masterbuilt 20070112 Cold Smoker, The Smoking Gun Handheld Food Smoker and A-maze-N Pellet Smoker.

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