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The Best Stand Mixer Reviews

Some people find it difficult to eat solid or semi-solid foods. These foods therefore need to be broken down into smaller soluble form that can be easily consumed and digested by anyone. Those who have a problem with their teeth are also advised to mechanically breakdown food before they eat. These food however can be crashed while blended together to give a desirable taste. A stand mixer is a kitchen utensil that has a rotating gear-driven mechanism devised to rotate a set of beaters in a jar containing food ready to be prepared. This sand mixer is responsible for beating, whisking and stirring food. This equipment is inbuilt with a motor that drives rotary action in a stand or frame bearing the weight of the equipment. Stand mixers have special bowl locked inside during operation. Stand mixers in the market vary with features and functionality.

best stand mixer - The Best Stand Mixer Reviews

Features of best stand mixer

1. Speed

This is a very important aspect while selecting a stand mixer. Best stand mixers have a maximum of 16 speeds while hand mixers have up to speed settings. However, three well differentiated speed settings are sufficient for the device normal functioning. The slower the speed the better since speed prevents spattering.

2. Type of beater

A mixer that has wire beaters that do not have thick center post are easier to clean hence they are highly recommended.

3. Level of comfort

This refers to how well balanced a mixer is holding the handle. The best stand mixer should not be that heavy.

4. Durability

Stand mixers made from non-corrosive material are advisable since the equipment is associated with food and watery substances; there is a high chance of rusting. Stainless steel makes the best stand mixer.

5. Locking of power heads

Your mixer should be able to lock the power head in the upright position to avoid crashing into its bowl. Also, you be capable of locking it in the down position.

Benefits of best stand mixer

  1. Stand mixers assist in doing hand-free baking, faster results, little mess and more power.
  2. The many varied accessories attached to the stand mixer at the point of purchasing makes them versatile.
  3. This machine is much faster and cleaner in beating foods hence relieving you from washing the pot from sugar syrup.
  4. The best stand mixer is able to knead heavy yeast dough using a superb dough hook to spare your energy for something else.
  5. It is able to cream butter and sugar for the best cakes in a short time.
  6. Best stand mixers allow adjustment of levels of contact between the bowl and the beater making it quite efficient.
  7. Their stainless still material allows the mixer to be compatible with all sorts of uses. The bowl therefore is used as makeshift double boilers and hence a narrow deep bowl molds ice-creams and cakes with mousse fillings.


Stand mixers are the best equipment in making kitchen work much easier. Instead of preparing foods separately, you are advised to use a stand mixer that accommodates a variety of foods to be blended. These machines are suitable for any buyer and they are readily available on Amazon. They include: Hamilton Beach 64650 6-Speed classic going for $37.11, KitchenAid KSM 150PSCU Artisan Series retailing at $199.99, Sunbeam FPSBSM2104 Heritage series costing $39.56 and Rev-A-Shelf – RAS-ML-HDCR – Full Height sold at $80.99.

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