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The Best Steam Mop Reviews

With increased advance in technology, simple house hold chores have been made very easier and at the same time enjoyable. Household chores such as cleaning of the house have been simplified and made even faster by the use of steam mop. A steam mop refers to a mop that makes use of steam in cleaning carpets and also floors. It is a faster way of cleaning as compared to the conventional way of using a floor mop and a bucket. They also work very thoroughly and efficiently.

best steam mop - The Best Steam Mop Reviews

Factors to consider when selecting the best steam mop

The current market has greatly been saturated with different brands and models of steam mops such that it gets difficult for one to determine which steam mop is the best for them. In order to ensure that you get the best value for your money and also get a mop that will work for you well, a number of factors should be put into consideration. These factors include:

1. Multi -tasking

Consider a steam mop that can carry out all the cleaning tasks at the same time. These tasks can be picking of dry dirt, sweeping and cleaning at the same time. This will greatly save your time and also has an aesthetic value in case you have visitors in your home.

2. Size of water tank

Select a steam mop that has a bigger water tank. This will enable you or whoever is using the steam mop to clean for a long time without having to refill it. This will greatly save on time.

3. Ease of use

Settle for a steam mop that will not give you a hard time in cleaning. Go for one which is light and most preferably with a swivel head since it is able to reach hard to clean areas.

4. Power Cord

Consider buying a steam mop which has a longer power cord which will enable you to clean quie far without having to unplug and plug every time.

5. Removable water tank

A steam mop that has a removable water tank makes it easier for one to refill the tank from the tap or even faucet. Also such a tank is very easier to clean as compared to that with an irremovable water tank.

6. Carpets

If you have floor carpets then select a steam mop that has a rug tray accessory which is used for �steam dusting’ rather than steam cleaning.

7. Steam control

Select a machine that has a control system which will make it easier for you to regulate the amount of steam produced depending on your floor quality and also amount of dirt being cleaned.

8. Indicator

Choose a steam mop that has a visible indicator to show you that the steam generator is heated and ready for use. This will save your time and also prevent increase in the electricity bill.

Benefits of having the best steam mop

Owning or using a steam mop in cleaning your floors has a number of great benefits which cannot go unmentioned. These include:

  1. Having the best steam mop for cleaning saves on time since it far much faster as compared to regular mop.
  2. The best steam mop does not require a lot of energy and effort in cleaning, since one does not need to bend down and can also clean using only one hand.
  3. Steam mops have the ability to sanitize the floors without needing chemicals as is the case on regular mops where you need to add chemicals. This makes them the best for especially people who are allergic to chemicals.
  4. Best steam mops are very hygienic since its water is only used once in cleaning as opposed to regular mops where you constantly use the same water moving and cleaning different parts of the house.
  5. Best steam mops are environmentally friendly since they don’t need chemicals during the cleaning process.
  6. Since steam mops use only water for cleaning, they are able to leave your floor clean and clear as compared to regular mopping where the mop leaves cloudy marks on your floor.

There are more benefits that come with using steam mop that will eventually give you more reason to get one for yourself.


The best steam mops are mostly suitable for cleaning larger rooms because they are faster and not much effort is required in the cleaning process. It is also very suitable for people who are allergic to chemicals since it does not require chemical addition. It is also suitable for environmental enthusiasts since it discourages chemical usage. There are a variety of steam mops which can be purchased from the amazon.com website. These include: 1940 Blue Power Fresh Steam Mop (Bissell), S3501 Steam Pocket Mop (Shark), S3101 Original Steam Mop (Shark). There are many more types of steam mops available on amazon.com and also other outlets depending on your preference and affordability. Try using the best steam mop in cleaning your house or even offices and I bet you will love it. Go for it!

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