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The Best Table Saws Reviews

For any woodworker, a table saw is among the best investments that can ever be made. The best table saws make cutting jobs easier. When shopping for table saws, you should get one that is suitable, and the right size and has the best features- more emphasis should be put safety features. Here is a guide to help you get the best table saw.

best table saws - The Best Table Saws Reviews

Features of Best Table Saws

1. Magnetic Off Switch

This safety feature puts the table saw in off position when power is lost. This way, the table saw will not run abruptly when power comes back preventing any serious safety concerns.

2. Kick back Prevention

Considered the most ideal feature to look for in a table saw. Go for a table saw that has a riving knife which stays in place for more cuts and this does not throw out a lot of wood. A splitter can also be considered, but the riving knife is the best.

3. Kick Switch

Being able to switch the table saw with the foot, hip or knee is safer where hands cannot be used when they are working on a piece of wood.

4. Horsepower

The amount of horsepower will determine the type of materials that you can cut through.

5. Flesh Sensor

In any working environment, safety is first. A flesh sensor stops the blade when the skin touches the table saw almost instantly.

6. Design of Drive Belt

The vibration on the table is produced by the drive belt. Vibrations will dictate the stability of the table saw when working. A poly v-belt produces less vibrations and will make the table be more stable.

7. Left Blade Tilt

Woodworkers have praised the left blade tilt since it produces less kick back. For a user, the left blade tilt kickback will ensure great safety.

8. Dust Collection System

Nobody likes working in a messy place. A dust collection system keeps the workplace tidy and at the same time reduces significantly the amount of dust that the user inhales.

9. Portable

A portable saw can be put on top of the cart and then pushed to wherever the working location is.

10. Quality Fence

When working, accidents cannot all be avoided. To secure the outside area of where the table saw is running, a quality fence should be installed to secure the outside area in case of accidents like when the blade comes off.

Reasons you Should Get a Table Saws

  1. Table saws can double up as assembly tables, workbenches, or finishing tables.
  2. Good table saws cut materials precisely.
  3. Portability of the table saw does not restrict you to a specific working area.
  4. Table saws are a great platform for even beginners to teach themselves about working with wood.


Buying a table saw will depend on the type of wood you will be working on, your budget, the amount of time you use in woodworking, and the space where you will be setting the table saw. Getting the best table saw is a worthwhile investment that should be considered keenly. Getting a test of how it works when buying could be impossible, but considering others’ reviews should help you make the choice.

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