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The Best Toaster Oven Reviews

Regardless of whether you are making muffins or bagels, a good toaster that leaves you with the best quality of results is key. Getting a good toaster is quite a hard task, but no need to worry, here are features that should help you get the best toaster oven.

best toaster oven - The Best Toaster Oven Reviews

Features of Best Toaster Oven

1. A good number of presets.

Having a number of preset gives you the choice of being able to cook more meals with your toaster oven.

2. Intuitive controls.

Straightforward controls allow you to cook a simple meal.

3. Audible alerts.

Look for a model that alerts you once the food is ready. The audio alert should be heard and should not be confused with that sound of an alarm.

4. Auto-eject racks.

A rack that automatically opens when the food is ready will enable you to get the hot food out of the oven with no trouble.

5. Automatic shut-off.

The automatic shut-off feature puts the probability of accidental fires under control.

6. A removable and accessible crumb tray.

A accessible crumb tray should be able to slide from preferably the front and can be accessed easily when the oven is hot rather than lifting or moving the oven to access it. Such a tray is also easy to clean.

7. The Right-sized accessories.

A number of toaster ovens come with a baking rack or a drip pan, but these accessories can also be bought separately.

8. A nonstick interior.

Nobody is excited about hectic frequent cleaning. Cleaning ovens with a nonstick interior is easy task.

9. Insulated Top

Running out of space in the kitchen is not something strange, an insulated top comes in handy when you need more space to put things in your kitchen.

10. Stylish Appearance

Get a toaster that complements your kitchen design or one that befits your taste or preference.

11. Simple Retriever

Imagine getting your slice of bread stuck in the toaster in the morning and you are in a hurry, not so good. Get a toaster that pushes your bread high enough, reducing the chance of you burning yourself when trying to get the stuck bread out.

12. Anti-jam feature

A toaster jamming is no strange news, to avoid this get a toaster that can recognize a jam and shut itself down.

13. Slot Sizes

Get a toaster with different slot sizes since you will not be using it to prepare the same food size.

Reasons you Should Have a Toaster Oven

  1. Food can be cooked in many ways in a toaster oven.
  2. Toaster ovens save space, time and energy.
  3. Foods cooked in toaster ovens are delicious.
  4. Toaster ovens can be used for cooking, broiling, and baking.
  5. They can be used away from the home too.


Before getting the best toaster oven, always ask the basic questions about the capacity you need, the counter space in your kitchen, what you plan to cook with it and go through the manufacturer’s description of it. This will guide you as you narrow down to the choice you prefer. Ideally, a toaster oven gives you the best experience of a toaster and that of an oven. That is why toaster ovens make a great asset in the kitchen.

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