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The Best Weed Eater Reviews

Many farmers around the globe keep on complaining of low crop production due to the ever-culminating weeds. Various types of weeds keep on camouflaging to counter effects of pesticides. This has been experienced mostly in temperate regions characterized by conducive environmental conditions best for growth and nurturing of these weeds. The impact of the weeds usually leads to a decrease of about 30% crop yield. In some instances, it goes beyond 50% thus leading to food insecurity especially in Sub-Saharan Africa. Different varieties of pesticides have been invented to fight this menace but this has done little to negligible to curb the disaster. A weed eater is a device used by farmers to get rid of weeds on their farms. It is a tool with a cutting head, a flexible one filament line, and a handle; and at times it has a strap. So many models and brands lie in the market but only a number of them qualify to the standards acceptable by international regulatory bodies. One can acquire a good weed eater by considering a number of factors.

best weed eater - The Best Weed Eater Reviews

How to choose best Weed Eater?

1. Flexibility and ease of use

A good weed eater is one that is easy to use and can be fixed in any position at the comfort of the user. For example, a gas powered weed eater may require a little bit more manpower as compared to the petrol or diesel one since it carries a heavy machinery of gas application. Plugs are often replaced and fuel is mixed with prescribed proportions. As a result, it attracts repairs to be done in a short while.

2. Thickness of the weeds

The cutting edge of the weed eater is designed to a particular width of the weeds. One cannot use a smaller edge on thicker-stemmed weeds. This will destroy the shafts and the filament line of the weed eater. It will also interfere with the hydraulic system that will reduce the centrifugal force generated by the string trimmer.

3. The cost of the weed eater

The price of a weed eater varies with different functionalities attached to its application. Your budget should be able to accommodate the best use of the weed eater. Price also ranges with brands and models. Bigger brands carry more money. One should window-shop well before deciding on the best priced weed eater.

4. The size of the field

Expansive fields needs a weed eater with a large metal brush cutting edge and one that can run a long period of time without heating up or breaking down after a short while.

5. The terrain of the field

This matters a lot because weeds grow in different terrains, some on hilly, rocky and rugged terrains and others in flat plain fields. This will determine how one will handle or strap the weed eater in a more comfortable position.

6. Source of power

There are different types of weed eaters categorized according to the type of fuel they use. The kinds of power used include batteries, gas, diesel, electricity or even solar energy. A user will choose which type of energy best suits his situation.

7. Material

Since this gadget is used by applying a considerable amount of manpower, the material used to manufacture it should be tough and strong to avoid breakages.

The above factors among others if well considered can make a farmer or technician select a beneficial weed eater that will work efficiently and effectively.

Benefits of a best weed eater

1. Works faster

Compared to plucking the weeds manually, this machine works faster hence covering large tracks of land.

2. Environmentally friendly

Since the device does not use any chemicals, it is the best environment friendly way of eradicating weeds as compared to the pesticides that may interfere with the growth of crops and grass lawns.

3. Low labor cost

Since the machine can work on large tracks of land, the cost of labor will be less as compared to manual trimming or plucking of the weeds which may require more people.

4. Efficient and effective

This will apply in terms of saving time and reducing cost. The machine can be set to cover huge tracks within a short period of time.

5. Ease of use

Compared to machines like lawn mowers, this one is easy to use and flexible. It is user friendly with limited technical issues. One does not need a lot of knowledge to use it.


A weed eater is most suitable for working on sizeable grass lawns or fields that are more sensitive to pesticides or manual work. It is easy to carry to any place and is suitable for any terrain. Common best examples on Amazon.com include: GH900 14-Inch String Trimmer and Edge, WeedEater 967184401 W25CFK curved shaft trimmer 25CC, and Hitachi CG22EAP2SL 21.1cc 2- cycle gas powered solid steel drive shaft string trimmer/brush cutter, among others.

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