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The Best Window Air Conditioner Reviews

With the increased effects of global warming and climate change, temperatures have continuously gone up to unimaginable levels. This has brought about heat waves, people fainting, discomfort, fatigue, less employee productivity, among other effects. There is need to counter these challenges and the safest and artificial way to address this is through installing desirable Air Conditioner. Window air conditioning basically refers to the process by which fresh air is siphoned into an enclosed room or building, goes through refrigeration process and it’s released or exposed to the rest of the room. Heat and humidity is absorbed from the room and conditioned air is distributed sparingly thus improving the quality of indoor air and enhancing thermal comfort. The process of purifying this air and cooling it is achieved via a series of refrigeration cycles, evaporation or just free cooling. The device that carries out the above process is referred to as an Air Conditioner .

best window air conditioner - The Best Window Air Conditioner Reviews

How to choose Window Air Conditioner?

Since the market is flooded with a variety of brands and models of this reputable appliance, it is imperative for one to exclusively decide on the desired type. A person always intends to buy something that will be a good investment to them and also enable them to achieve the desired goal for purchasing the item. To achieve all these, one must have in mind the following considerations in order to purchase the most exclusive conditioner.

1. Space

For one to get the best results, he/she has to consider the space of the room he wants to cool. The cooling power of a window Air Conditioner is measured in British Thermal Units (BTU). Therefore, one needs to select a unit with a BTU level best fit his space. This is because a window Air Conditioner with a less BTU will need to operate continuously trying to cool a bigger room hence increasing electricity bill. While one with more BTU level than your space won’t cool your space uniformly hence leaving your room with a mixture of hot and cold air.

2. Noise

A good conditioner is one which produces less sound or better still does not make any noise. This quiet air conditioner is good for infants and people with hearing impairment. This can be achieved by checking the reviews and customer ratings for different models.

3. Maintenance

To ensure that they remain in good condition, window air conditioners require frequent cleaning and maintenance. An exclusive conditioner is one that is easy to clean. Therefore, select one which you can easily slide out to clean with minimal technicalities.

4. Energy efficiency

Select an equipment that is Energy Star certified to ensure that it uses less energy in order to save you meager electricity bills. Consider an automated air conditioner that switches itself off whenever the set threshold temperature is achieved.

5. Durability

Being a great investment, ensure you choose a brand that has a reputation of a long life span. To determine this, you read different customers reviews to know which brand is considered by majority as long lasting.

6. Warranty

Warranty is a must have for any equipment that one wants to purchase. Select a brand which has a longer warranty since this gives you the confirmation of good quality and also replacement in case the window AC becomes faulty within the stipulated warranty period.

7. Electrical requirement

Ensure that your home’s electrical system can handle the equipment’s power needs. If you prefer a model that uses a greater power voltage,then you will need an electrician to set it up for you.

8. Configuration

Different models have different plug configurations. It’s therefore advisable to select a brand that is compatible with your outlet. Check the plug design from the packaging of the window air conditioner.

9. Installation

To get the desired Air Conditioner, select one with clear installation instructions on the manual or alternatively, get help from the agent on installing your appliance.

10. Window

Ensure your window is near an extension where the Air Conditioner can be plugged into. Also ensure that the window chosen is in a shade in order for your Air Conditioner to work effectively with less energy.


There are many more factors to consider, you can get more from the shop you are purchasing the Air Conditioner from.

Advantages of a Suitable Air Conditioner

1. The installation process of an Air Conditioner is straight forward since the instructions are directly step-wise.

2. Window air conditioner do not require any floor space since they are installed on a window, thereby becoming very convenient for people living in small apartments.

3.These appliances are not very expensive to purchase, since their price depend on the brand.

4.ACs are useful in many places as long as the place has a window.

5. Enhances employee productivity throughout comfortable environment.



ACs are suitable for cooling rooms during summer season by getting rid of hot humid air and supplying cool air into a room. The appliances are also suitable for people who have a small floor space since it brings comfort. They are also suitable for people who have kids or don’t like noise because they are known to operate quietly and it’s placed outside the house. There are a number of brands which can be found on amazon.com: Frigidaire 5,000 115VBTU Window air conditioner, LG LW6015ER 6,000 BTU 115V window-mounted Air Conditioner, Haier Room Air Conditioner. There are many more depending on your choice and budget.

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