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The Best Paper Shredder Reviews

A mechanical device used to cut papers into strips or small fine particles is referred to as a Paper Shredder. A paper shredder is very vital to any organization or institution because it assists in destroying private and confidential information. This device can be used to effectively shred bank account statements, bills, tax documents and so on.

best paper shredder 2017 - The Best Paper Shredder Reviews

How to choose a Paper Shredder?

Since the market offers a variety of paper shredders depending on quality, price, customer preference and other features, it is vital for one to know what to look out for when in need of the best paper shredder. The following are what needs to be considered:

1. Time

A paper shredder which takes the least time to shred your documents is the best, because you are not planning to spend hours shredding papers. Inquire about how long the shredder can work without requiring cooling off period. The best paper shredder is one which can work continuously.

2. Volume of documents

Choose a paper shredder that can handle a larger amount of documents without breaking down easily. This is because the amount of documents that require shredding may vary and you don’t want to be inconvenienced because your shredder can only handle small amount of documents when you have a large volume of documents, thus time wastage.

3. Security need

Choose a paper shredder that ensures the highest level of security of your documents and confidentiality. This can be achieved by choosing a shredder that can cut the papers into the smallest size possible. A level 3, micro-cut shredder is the best in this case.

4. Versatility

In case you are planning to use a shredder to shred different materials other than paper, such as credit cards, CDs/DVDs and so on; then consider getting a paper shredder that is capable to shred these too.

5. Noise level

To ensure little or no distraction in the office while shredding, choose a shredder that produce minimal or no sound when being used. This will allow other staff to concentrate properly on their duties while the shredding is being carried out, hence no inconveniences.

6. Location

Choose the best location for your paper shredder in the office, where it can easily be gotten and have enough space to be utilized.

7. Warranty

The best paper shredder in the market is the one which has a longer warranty of two or more years. This will give you enough time to monitor the shredder and be able to return it in case it gets faulty within the stipulated time.

Benefits of having a Paper Shredder

1. Paper shredders enable a company to destroy their confidential information in the right way, thereby giving them peace of mind, since they know such information will not reach wrong hands.

2. Paper shredders reduce the size of waste by shredding them to smaller sizes thus a smaller space is needed for them and can easily be disposed without stress.

3. Paper shredders can help an office to protect the environment, since the shredded papers can be recycled and made into better use such as making of tissue papers.


Paper shredders are suitable for destroying confidential documents belonging to companies or institutions. This prevents identity theft and also ensures privacy to sensitive information. Shredders are also suitable in ensuring protection of the environment since the shredded papers can be recycled thus protecting the environment.

They are also suitable in creating space in the office since the space that could be occupied by the full documents can be used for something else. At the end of the day, paper shredders are a must have in any institution or company so as to ensure document security and also cleanliness of our environment.

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