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The Best Scanners Reviews

Scanning has become an important exercise among people. Initially, commercial scanning was much popular than office scanning. Historically, scanners were huge analogue machines with heavy and bulky parts and could produce faint and blurred images. Today, scanners have gone digital with the best quality of scanned products. They normally produce a replica of the original piece. These scanners have been designed to be compatible with different machines. However, improvements and innovations have continued to emerge to better these machines. Some of them are designed with specially intelligence to captured finer unimaginable details that the normal human eye is not able to. Scanners have evolved with the evolution of computers and this has enabled them to be used hand in hand within computers. The most common categories of scanners include: computer, document, portable and flatbed scanners. These devices have been molded to accommodate any kind of emerging technology and more improvements are ongoing. Best scanners have the following features.

best scanners - The Best Scanners Reviews

Features of Best Scanners

1. The Type of Feeder

This is classified into two: sheetfed and flatbed. A sheedfed scanner uses a feeder port that brings documents into the scanner in a sequence order to be scanned. The flatbed one offers a flat surface for you to place document to be scanned, you then close the lid and engage scanner settings. Flatbed scanners have the best resolution but sheetfed scanners work much quicker than flatbed.


2. Software Compatibility

Scanner drivers are very important. Without them, you not use the scanner. Therefore, you should install the correct drivers that are compatible with a given operating system of your PC or Mac.


3. Resolution and Color Depth

The quality of the image produced by a scanner depends on its resolution. The DPI (dots per inch) determines the resolution of the scanner. The higher the DPI and the color depth, the better the image quality.


4. Bed size scanning

This large size scanning needs a grand flatbed scanner or a software stitching program for attaching together small multiple scans to form a big one. Large scanners can scan up to a size of 11X17”.


5. Other extra applications

This refers to ability of a scanner to do printing, scanning and faxing documents while maintaining the original size of a standard printer. It is best for a busy office with different services. It therefore cuts on costs of purchasing other devices that could have done the same job.


6. Manufacturers’ Warranty

More warranty years assures the quality of the scanner hence less money will be spent on repairs and maintenance. A manual should be packaged to help users troubleshoot problems whenever they arise.


7. The Cost of the Scanner

Sometimes the price of the scanner tells you much about. Expensive brands carry more specialized features. Cheaper ones may be prone to damage and may have less features.


Benefits of Best Scanners

  1. Scanners reduce operating costs. Scanned documents can be stored in softcopy format thus increasing the office space.
  2. Best scanners reduce risk of losing documents since they can be stored online and retrieval is much faster.
  3. Use of best scanners improves employee productivity. This refers to time wasted while retrieval a copy document in the store. With scanning, documents are searched with a click of the button.
  4. Scanned documents that are stored online can be retrieved anytime and anywhere in the worried thus increasing accessibility.
  5. Secure documentation. Digital information storage is becoming the best and most reliable. An enhanced restriction of access to the information is confidential.
  6. Better disaster recovery system. In case of outbreak of fire, your documents will be safe online and you can easily retrieve afterwards.



Best scanners remain the best option of replacing physical filing and documentation. Documents stored filed in boxes or cabinets wastes a lot of time in retrieving and are at risk of getting lost. They also reduce productivity of employees hence filing scanned documents is the most useful way of documentation. Scanners are suitable for offices, homes, schools, colleges, religious institutions among others. The best scanners found on Amazon are: Fujitsu iX500 ScanSnap Document Scanner, Epson Perfection V600 Color Photo, Brothet DS-620 Mobile Color Page Scanner and Canon Office Products LiDE 120 Color Image.

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