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The Best DSLR Camera For Beginners Reviews

Photography has become something more incredible than the mere photo taking. Nowadays there are a number of devices from which a person can take photographs from. Such include phones, tablets, computers, laptops and most commonly cameras. Cameras have always been the common mode of taking photographs. This is not just all, due to technological advancements digital cameras have been invented which produce more clear quality photos and also at a faster pace than the former. There are a number of digital cameras that have been considered the best in photography but DSLR camera outsmarts them. Digital Single Lens Reflex camera is considered to be faster smarter and works better. It is effective to both professional photographers and also beginners.

best dslr camera - The Best DSLR Camera For Beginners Reviews

Features of the best DSLR cameras

Whether you are a professional or an amateur photographer, once you have decided to purchase a DSLR camera, you should first consider the following features which determine which model of DSLR camera is the best:

1. Superior image resolution

The viewfinder of the best DSLR camera shows a large image of what is seen by the lens. This is due to its large body and sensors featuring 24 mega pixels or more.

2. Image quality

With large pixel sensor, DSLR camera are very sensitive to light and are not very much affected by grainy artifacts thereby producing better quality images.

3. Depth of field control

As opposed to non SLR digital cameras, a DSLR camera allows one to choose extensive or shallow depth of field.

4. ISO range

ISO value determines how sensitive the sensor is to light. When taking night photos or low light an ISO range which is higher is needed, this will allow for more light to be captured.

5. Image stabilization

The best DSLR camera have lens with image stabilization which negates any photo blur especially if you have got a shaky grip.

6. Weather proof

Most of DSLR camera models are made from weather proof materials thus enabling them to be resistant to rain as well as protecting the internal parts.

7. Sensor size

DSLR cameras boast of having large sensors and also better lenses, this enables them to take good look and also clear images.

8. Shutter and focus speed

DSLR cameras are able to get focus faster and also take a multiple of shots per second all thanks to their good focus and shutter speeds.

9. Reflex mirrors

DSLRs have reflex mirrors which enables one to look through the lens rather than the see-through hole in the camera.

Benefits of buying the best DSLR camera

DSLR camera comes with a lot of benefits that one cannot forgo. These benefits include:

  1. DSLR camera has the ability to produce better quality photographs thanks to their higher quality lens.
  2. DSLR camera enables you to get your photos instantly rather than having to wait until the film is processed and developed.
  3. The cost per shot of a DSLR camera is very low since the camera does not use film.
  4. With a DSLR camera, the user can change parameters such as ISO sensitivity, white balance and other things just by pressing a button.
  5. DSLR camera has a dust removal mechanism which makes it easier to shake off dust from the sensor by pressing a button.


Best DSLR camera is suitable for taking photographs at night where there is low light as they have higher ISO range. DSLR cameras are also suitable for taking photos during foggy weather as they are able to take clear photos. Examples of DSLR camera models on amazon.com include; EOS Rebel T5 DSLR Camera (Canon), D3300 24.2 MP DSLR Camera (Nikon). There are many more models at different price and also with different features. Go ahead and get what you prefer.

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