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The Best Digital Camera Reviews

The world is changing daily in terms of environment and beauty. Some parts of the globe are becoming more beautiful while others are deteriorating. Companies and even individuals have emerged to capture these global dynamics for posterity. But, how do you capture the exact look of a phenomenon? “Getty Images” is one company that has created a robust database of durable photographs and pictures running into millions of photos. These digital photos are used by other companies like CNN, ABC News, and Aljazeera among others to reflect on past events. Beautiful photos of the depleting Antarctica or the Arctic Ocean are recorded daily with digital satellite cameras. Also, pictures of the Solar system, moon, space or Mars planet are taken by astronauts. All these are captured by well designed and best digital cameras mounted on aircrafts or spacecrafts. These cameras are designed with unique features and precision to capture objects the way they are during photographing. A digital camera also known as a “digicam” is a device that encodes digital videos and images using digital technology and stores them for future reproduction.

best digital camera - The Best Digital Camera Reviews

Features of Best Digital Camera

1. Resolution

This is defined as the sharpness and detail of a picture. It is measured in the number of pixels and therefore the higher the number of pixels the higher the resolutions.

2. Camera memory

Digital cameras unlike manual ones, stores pictures as data files rather than in film format. Therefore, the number of pictures stored depends on the size of your memory. The more the size the more the number of pictures stored.

3. Flash mode

A flash is designed to supplement the natural atmospheric lighting with extra illumination in order to produce the best desired picture. Most of these cameras have inbuilt flash ranging from 10 to 16 feet. Additional options like external flash or red eye reduction are also modified to synchronize an image.

4. Burst mode

This refers to turn around time of generally 1-2 seconds between pressing the shutter button and an image being taken and recorded by a digital camera. This lag time is also known as Rapid Fire and Continuous Shooting Mode.

5. Optical Zooming

This is categorized into two; either digital or optical. Digital zoom enlarges the image without addition of any clarity detail while optical zoom adds detail and sharpness. Therefore, the larger the lens, the more picture coverage flexibility it has.

6. Compression

This refers to the process of downsizing a photo. Photos that are not compressed are normally clearer with enormous files and cover more memory. JPEG format is able to compress files releasing more memory for storing, saving, downloading and emailing pictures faster.

7. Source of power

This refers to what powers the cameras since they are known to being voracious battery eaters. You can use traditional batteries or rechargeable ones with a range size of 2-4 double A.

8. Lens

This determines how much of a scene fits into a picture. Fixed focus lenses presets to focusing at a certain range. Such pictures focus between normal range and wide angle lens. However, auto-focus lens are preferred since they centralize pictures.

9. Focus and Exposure

Cameras with both manual and auto-focus are the best. Panoramic digital cameras are normal the best since they have light sensitive applications. The higher the ISO setting, the less the light a camera requires for a good picture.

10. LCD Screen

This gives a preview of the original photo hence you are able to get the quality and angle of the photo taken. This gives a chance to either store or erase the image.

11. Self-time

This allows you to take a photograph of yourself. You pre-set delay of usually 10 seconds to run into a shot. However some digital cameras have remote control option that assist to shuter.

12. Manual Features

These features are available on high end cameras that give serious photographers more control over creativity.

Benefits of Best Digital Camera

  1. This camera does not require films since it uses memory.
  2. The ISO sensitivity setting is able to change every shot in your desired mode.
  3. Its shutter allows for bad shot images to be easily deleted and taken again.
  4. It is able to process the image creating black and white and sepia tone easily.
  5. The digital cameras have micro photography that allows you to shoot down to a small distance.
  6. Digital cameras are able to shoot moving pictures.
  7. The cameras are able to immediately develop the photo so that one can see.
  8. Some digital cameras have self printing mechanism on the spot but some you can print at home or photo lab.
  9. Some digital cameras are compatible with TV sets or large digital display units help to project viewing especially for conferencing purposes.
  10. Digital camera images can be used on PCs immediately without further processing or editing.
  11. Images can be easily retouched through editing and processing using line software.
  12. The cost of running or using a digital camera is far much than the film one since the battery is rechargeable and no films are required.


Digital cameras have made photographing much easier and enjoyable. With a simple smartphone , one is able to get digital shots. These cameras are more convenient with low operational costs. The best digital cameras found on Amazon are: Canon EOS Rebel T5 DSLR, Nikon COOLPIX S33 Waterproof, Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 V 20.1 MP and Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Full Frame.

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