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The Best Compact Camera Reviews

World renowned photographers like Steve McCurry, Annie Leibovitz and Ansel Adams have had a history of experience with a variety of cameras. They have graduated stepwise from simple analogue cameras to complex digital ones. But still, these cameras were very vital for fine photo tuning with good precision fit for that particular age of time. Compact cameras are just still cameras designed mainly for simple shooting. These cameras use autofocus or focus free lenses for focusing. They have automated systems responsible for setting exposure options and are built with internal flash units. These cameras are also known as point-and-shoot cameras and are the best in the market. These cameras are widely used by non-photographers because they are user friendly. They are common for snapshots of reunions, vacations, parties, picnics, among other events. The best compact cameras have unique features.

best compact camera - The Best Compact Camera Reviews

Features of best compact camera

1. Full automatic mode

This refers to automatic exposure and auto-focus settings which produce quality images. Once you turn it one, you can set it on automatic mode and have your snapshots easily.

2. Macro mode

This is meant to focus on detailed and close up pictures of a given subject. A good example is focusing on flowers as a subject mostly taken in this mode.

3. Automatic Scene Modes

Best Compact cameras come with various mode settings. Therefore, the type and amount of scene modes vary depending of specific camera. The most commonly used modes are: portrait, landscape, panoramic, close-up, fireworks, sports and beach/snow.

4. Color and sizes

Most these cameras are pocket-size. Slim models like Nikon Coolpix S6800 are commonly used due their compact size. Cameras come with different colors to satisfy customer needs. Therefore you can choose the color you love from a variety.

5. Zoom lens

Basic compact cameras come with a minimum zoom lens of 3X (three time) magnification. This allows you to take photos from different angles. However, the digital zoom length does not determine the quality of images. Compact cameras with extremely high zoom range are called Super Zoom or Bridge Cameras.

6. Exposure compensation EV+/-

This allows lightening or darkening of pictures if they are underexposed or overexposed. It overrides automatic exposure settings.

7. Self timer/inbuilt flash

Built-in flash helps in taking indoor pictures or low light scenes. Self timers are designed to include the photographer in the picture.

8. Video/movie mode

This is responsible to taking short videos but not to replace the normal video cameras. These videos are shot at 720p but can go up to 1080p for HD mode.

9. Image stabilization

This reduces blurriness caused by shaking hands or any other movement when picture is being taken.

10. White balance

This feature makes adjustments for images to look real or natural.

11. Megapixels

Most compact cameras have 10 Megapixels. The number of Megapixels determines the quality of pictures.

12. LCD display

All of these cameras have a 2.5 inch LCD screen although some have 3.5 inch ones. This makes viewing much easier.

Benefits of best compact camera

  1. These cameras are less expensive since they vary in sizes and quality. As compared to digital ones, compact cameras are far much pocket friendly.
  2. Compact nature: This refers to ability to be carried easily. They are also easy to store, hold or shoot normal pictures with point and shoot ease.
  3. Multi-purpose: Simple point and shoot are good for family pictures while HDR are designed for sunset time. They are good for teaching photography.
  4. Result oriented: These cameras produce desirable HDR shots that no other camera is able to.
  5. These cameras have a nice array of lenses that are also enclosed in the compact fame going as low as mm to allow fisheye wide angle recorded image.
  6. They are good for scouting locations and making photographic notes on the types of settings and requirements of a photo session.


Best compact cameras are good for casual family photographing and are much affordable. These cameras are widely used since they are easy-to-use as compared to the digital ones. They are good for beginners but are also best for professional photographers who wish to cover a great photo opportunity. These cameras are found on Amazon and they include: Canon Powershot SX IS, Nikon Coolpix L340 MP and Kodak PIXPRO Friendly Zoom FZ43.

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