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The Best Surround Sound System Reviews

Everybody has something that makes them relaxed and also makes them feel as if they are on top of the world whenever they engage in it. This is what is referred to as hobby. There are many different hobbies that people have such as sleeping, reading, listening to music or watching films among others. If you love music and also film, you always yearn for clear sounds to enhance your audio experience. Technological advancement has made this wish as easy as ABC. A Surround Sound System, this machine will enable you get the best audio experience you have never imagined. It makes one feel as if they are in the middle of the exact action. However to sum all it up and ensure you achieve all these, you need to acquire a surround sound system.

best surround sound system - The Best Surround Sound System Reviews

Features of the best Surround Sound System

To ensure that you get the best Surround Sound System, ensure that the following features are incorporated on the system:

1. Receiver wattage

A stereo receiver which is heavy comes with a bigger and a highly powered transformer as compared to a lighter receiver. This means that a heavy receiver uses more power and is also powerful.

2. Receiver Channels

Channels on the receiver stand for the number of speakers. For small and medium rooms consider a standard 5.1 channel receiver which has five speakers and a sub-woofer. Large rooms require a 7.1 receiver which has seven speakers and a sub-woofer. Very large room with high ceilings and more seating will need a 9.2 channel system.

3. Speaker wattage

The speakers should perfectly match the receiver’s wattage. A higher wattage per channel receiver can damage speakers which have a lower rated wattage. It is therefore advisable to buy a speaker that has a higher wattage than the receiver.

4. Widescreen

A standard format or widescreen television is the best choice for a surround sound system. This is because they present movies similar to those in the theater.

5. Preamplifier

Most pre-amplifiers come with HDMI connections which improve sound quality. If you have a powerful receiver and stereo consider getting a preamplifier to match your energy output.

6. Player

The player in a surround system is the one which plays movies. Such players include progressive scan DVD players, 3D Blu-ray players and Blu-ray players. One has a choice of buying from players that come with the system or stand alone units.

7. Graphic User Interface

This feature enables users to control most of the system’s components through the onscreen menu on the television. You only need a remote control to adjust the parameters.

Benefits of getting a Surround Sound System

The best surround sound system has the following benefits to whoever gets one:

  1. With your own surround sound system, you have the ability to control the remote. This can allow you to pause a movie whenever you have and want to.
  2. A surround sound system is very convenient since you can watch a movie anytime you want to.
  3. Watching movies at the comfort of your home rather than going out saves you money in the long run.
  4. If installed in the correct way, a surround sound system offers the best sound quality ever.
  5. A good surround sound system makes you feel as if you are part of the action be it watching sports, dramas or listening to music.


A good surround sound system is suitable for watching sports in a clear way rather than going to watch in theaters. If you love music, then a surround sound system is suitable because it provides the best audio quality. Amazon website has a number of surround sound systems models which include: HT-S3700 5.1-channel Home Theater Receiver (Onkyo), DAVTZ140 DVD Home Theater (Sony). Many more models are available that one can comfortably choose from depending on their budget and also preference. Get surround sound system that best suits your needs and also affordable for you.

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