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The Best Electric Razor Reviews

Good grooming is a very essential aspect of life. It does not only involve taking shower and putting on clean clothes. For men they have to shave or trim their hair. Back in the days before technological advancements, people used to effectively get rid of hair by using two shells. These could grip and pull out hair and one is good to go. Other people opted for water and a tool that was sharpened roughly. Later own, copper tools were invented and improvised razors were made from copper. This went own until the invention and advancement of technology which led to the emerging of stainless steel razor blades, scissors and finally the electric razor. Electric razors have become more effective because they are faster and they provide a cleaner shave.

best electric razor - The Best Electric Razor Reviews

Features of the best electric razor

In order to get the best out of your electric razor, the electric razor or shaver need to have a number of features:

1. Dry or wet shave

This feature is best especially if you prefer to shave your hair while showering using a gel. A good electric razor should be able to allow you use it with water or also without.

2. Blade speed

Blade speed or cutting performance here is measured in revolutions per minute. The best electric razor should have an RPM of 10 000 or more.

3. Auto cleaning and charging

Most of the available electric razors have an automatic and auto charging system. This saves you the effort of manually cleaning the device or having to plug it so as to charge.

4. Rechargeable

Some of the models of electric razors found in the market can be recharged after use.

5. Foil or rotary

Rotary electric razors or shavers come with multiple trimmers on their heads. Such are good for people who have sensitive skin. Foil shavers have straight razor bars that move smoothly providing more close shave as compares to rotary type. Foil shavers are also quite noisy since they have a powerful motor as opposed to rotary electric razors.

6. Corded and cordless

Most of the current electric razors come with a charging dock and can be used without a cord. This gives you a lot of freedom while shaving. However they can also be used with the cord plugged in. This enables you to shave even if your shaver does not have a battery.

7. Automatic program selection

The best electric razor is able to choose the shaving sensitivity automatically depending on your skin sensitivity. It also gives you the option of doing so manually.

8. Auto-shut off

Most models of electric razors today come with an auto shut off feature which enables the switching off of the charger immediately the battery is full. This perfectly eliminates the problem of overcharging.

9. Charge read-out

An electric razor that has a digital charge display enables you to monitor the shaving time left before recharging. This helps especially to avoid getting stuck with a half-shaven head or chin.

10. Long-hair trimmer

For men who love their facial hair so much that they can’t let go of them, electric razors that come with a pop-up hair trimmer are the best option. This is because the trimmer helps to maintain standard length of side burns and even long beard.

Benefits of having the best electric razor

Having or using a good electric razor accrues the following benefits:

  1. Electric razors are faster and very flexible compared to manual shavers.
  2. Electric razors have the ability to effectively pull out short flat hair from the skin thereby leaving you with a cleaner shave.
  3. A good electric razor does not only shave but can be used as a beard trimmer used to trim and style the moustache, sideburns, goatee, chest and even nose hair.
  4. Since electric razors glide over the skin, there are no chances of cutting the skin. It also has less irritation as opposed to manual blades.
  5. Electric razors do not need grooming items such as soaps, gel or even water.


The best electric razors are suitable for faster cleaner shaving of hair and also beards. They are also suitable especially for people with sensitive skin as they don’t irritate the skin. Amazon best sellers have a number of models such as; Braun Series 790cc Electric foil shaver, Electric shaver 3100 (Philips Norelco). More models can be bought on Amazon and other online market. Make your perfect choice today.

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