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The Best Home Gyms Reviews

Quick accessibility and convenient of a gym is every person’s desire. Sometimes it may seem stressful and tiresome going for gymnastic sessions in a far secluded place. This may tire you and reduce your morale of attending sessions. Therefore, it is important to have your own gym in your house or home. However, this does not mean that you go for mega commercial gym machines. There is gym appliances purely designed for home edition. These gym devices may not necessarily require a gym instructor since they are modified for personalized use. Today, a number of home gyms are available in the market and they differ with features and specifications. The best of these devices are available on Amazon.

best home gyms - The Best Home Gyms Reviews

Features of Best Home Gyms

1. Fitness Purpose and Goals

Home gyms are built for different purposes. Such purposes include: medical, body building, or sporting. As a result, different body types require specific home gyms. This can be classified plate-loaded or leverage Powertec machines. For just body exercises, you may need to engage a power rod gym like Bowflex that is good for body toning and fat burning. As your exercises intensify, you need a stronger and robust home gym. Therefore, the best home gyms should assist you to achieve your individual goals in a quick and efficient way.

2. Your work space

Gyms are built in different sizes and shapes. You should consider your room space while shopping for your best home gyms. This will involve the gym dimensions of length, width and height. These measurements should therefore fit the room measurements. However, you need to leave some allowance of at least 2 to 3 feet on either side of the room. The height should also be extended if the gym has a stationary chin up or a pull up bar.

3. Flexibility in movement and lightweight

A machine that is easy to fold for storage or transportation is suitable for home edition. Such machines can be ideal for small spaces like apartments, condos or smaller home gyms. Power rods gyms are flexible enough and can easily be moved from one place to another.

4. Total of number of exercises

Best home gyms are able to offer considerable types of exercises. Such exercises include: back, shoulders, chest, arms or legs. The frequency of the exercises should be unlimited to enhance optimum utility. Allowance of change in workout routines should be enabled to prevent you from adapting to your training and stop growing.

5. Routine Workouts

This refers to manufactures’ guidelines for different groups of trainees to enable them take the suitable routine workouts within their category. These include beginners, intermediates and the advanced ones. For beginners, DVD workouts assist you in kicking off the exercises.

6. Resistance to weight

Brittle machine with weak frames end up breaking into pieces causing accidents. Therefore, you are advised to shop for a machine made of tough material to withstand some of the heavy weight of occupants.

7. Cardio Station

This refers to a collection of gym and accessories settings to accommodate a complete body workout of cardio and strength training. This may involve a row station or addition of either running, skipping or cardio session in the workouts.

8. Machine Warranty

Warranty assures durability. A long warranty shows that the machine is durable and vice versa.


Benefits of Best Home Gyms

  1. A home gym offers a much needed privacy. During gym classes, you wear scantly which does go well with some people. With your own gym, you can do what you want in your home.
  2. It offers freedom because you are not obliged to do what other people are being advised by the instructor to do. In your house, you choose what to do.
  3. It is convenient because you are not worried of your gym sessions even if you are late. A commercial gym is normally limited to certain hours of operation.
  4. Saves time since you won’t waste time lining up on long queues for your turn. The tendency of dressing for the gym, showering afterwards and redressing is no longer there hence efficient.
  5. It is cost effective because you will not be paying daily of monthly for the service rendered. You buy once and use without paying.


Best home gyms are becoming a necessity to most home owners. These machines are being developed with user friendly features to enable easy usage by even beginners. They are suitably designed to fit each individuals needs. The best of these machines on Amazon include: Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym, Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Cage and Marcy MWM-990 Home Gym.

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