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The Best Electric Toothbrush Reviews

A healthy life style does not only revolve around eating a balanced diet but also maintaining general cleanliness of the whole body. Teeth are one of the most important part of one’s both since they are the one which enables one to break food into smaller particles for easier swallowing and also absorption. If not well cleaned, Teeth can rot and also become very painful. It is due to the need of cleaning our teeth that tooth brushes were invented. Manual tooth brushes have been used for cleaning of teeth for a very long time. However due to technological advancement today, people are slowly embracing the use of electric tooth brush for cleaning their teeth. This is a good move as it shows that people are appreciating technology.

best electric toothbrush - The Best Electric Toothbrush Reviews

Factors to choose the best electric toothbrush

The current market has been flooded with a number of different brands, model and also price of electric tooth brushes. So as to ensure that you get a good electric tooth brush that will not only give you value for your money but also meet your needs of effectively cleaning your teeth, you should consider the following:

1. Easy to use

Select an electric tooth brush that is not complicated to use. You should be comfortable holding it, and it should have simplified controls that anyone regardless of their knowledge can operate.

2. Effective performance

Consider buying a brush that works smartly and consistently. It should not have any fault, for instance the water flosser should not be leaking.

3. Brush head

When buying best electric toothbrush consider the type of brush head that the tooth brush uses. This will enable you to know what type of brush head to buy whenever you need to replace it.

4. Bristles

The hardness or softness of an electric tooth bush should be put in mind before purchasing. If you have braces consider soft bristled electric tooth brush.

5. Source of power

In case there is no power source where you live or while you are travelling, the best tooth brush for you will be the one that uses disposable batteries. If you prefer a rechargeable electric tooth brush, then ensure that its battery lasts longer before they require a recharge.

6. Durability

Ensure that the electric tooth brush you settle for has a design that makes it strong such that it can withstand continuous wear and tear. This will help so that you don’t constantly need to replace the tooth brush.

7. Stroke rate

Fancy a brand that offers more strokes per minute, as this will ensure effective cleaning of your teeth.

8. Timer

Settle for a brush that has a timer and an alert mechanism that can be seen and heard easily. It should have a 2 minute recommended timer and a 30 second reminder for each quadrant.

9. Pressure sensor

Select a brand that can alert you whenever you exceed the required pressure needed to brush your teeth. This will help prevent damaging of your teeth or the bristles of your brush.

10. Soft grip

Select a tooth brush that has a soft grip which makes it comfortable to hold. The grip also help to reduce vibrations felt when brushing.

Benefits of having the best electric toothbrush

  1. With more movement per minute in the mouth, an electric tooth brush cleans more effectively as compared to a manual tooth brush.
  2. An electric tooth brush has a timer which ensures that you brush your teeth for the recommended two minutes. This is not definite with a manual tooth brush.
  3. A pressure sensor in an electric tooth brush is able to stop you from damaging your teeth and injuring your gums or destroying the bristles of your brush head.
  4. Since it has a large handle, an electric tooth brush is easier to grip as compared to the conventional manual tooth brush.
  5. As it is able to effectively reach hard to brush areas as compared to a manual tooth brush, it greatly helps in fighting gingivitis and other gum diseases.


Electric tooth brush is suitable especially for people who have braces since it is very gentle. The electric brush is also suitable for effective cleaning of one’s teeth as it has a timer for maximum brushing. Some of the electric tooth brushes found on amazon.com includes: Essence Sonic White Rechargeable tooth brush ( Philips Sonicare), Aquarius Water Flosser (Waterpik). These are some of the electric tooth brushes found on amazon.com. There are still more and also others from other outlets. You can get the one that you prefer and also one that you can afford.

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