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The Best Exercise Bikes Reviews

When you are starting an exercise program, getting the right exercise bike is among the first thing that clicks in the mind. They are preferred because of the great effect they have on the body during a workout session on them. Apart from gyms, exercise bikes are becoming common in households too. Here is a guide to help you get the best exercise bikes

best exercise bikes - The Best Exercise Bikes Reviews

Features of the Best Exercise Bikes


Get an exercise bike that gives at least two year warranty on the most significant moving parts and probably a year’s labor.

Water Bottle Holder

You need to keep that body hydrated and you do not need to carry a water bottle in your bag. Let the water bottle holder attached to the bike do that for you.


A bike with a clear display and controls that are easy-to-use is a good to go to the bike. The display should be able to show you the combinations of your heart rate, speed, calories that have been burned, the revolutions being made per minute and resistance levels.

Magnetic Resistance

The integral part of a bike is how it provides resistance which will require more workout depending on the program. Magnetic resistance has no friction, thus no fear of neither wear nor tear. Besides, magnetic resistance has a minimum maintenance cost and is quiet.

Bike Size

Knowing the space where you are going to be setting the bicycle should give you a pointer to what bike size you should be getting.

Recumbent or Upright Bike

Exercise bikes are classified into two, recumbent bike ( more comfortable and has no back issues since there is back support) and upright bike ( requires you to sit in the upright position just the same way you sit in a regular bike).

Maximum User Weight Limit

We all weigh differently. Exercise bikes have the maximum weight that they can support. Go for an exercise bike that is above your weight for stability purposes.

Reasons you Should Have Exercise Bikes

  1. It is no secret in that in the world right now, many would kill for a killer body figure. Exercising on a bike gives you the curvy body figure and a tight butt.
  2. A lot of people have attested that exercise bikes have helped them to cut weight and fulfill their fitness goals.
  3. A great advantage of owning an exercise bike is that you can workout anytime you want and with privacy.
  4. Owning an exercise bike saves you money that you could be spending as gym fees.
  5. Multitasking is possible with this bike, you can watch TV, listen to your playlist while exercising on the bike.
  6. Having a fitness bike gives you the pleasure of choosing the workout tempo that you desire.
  7. A exercise bike at hoe can motivate other family members to work out too.
  8. The resistance training from exercise bikes, simulates the riding of a bicycle uphill.


To settle for the best exercise bike, make sure you have tried the available bikes before buying. There are a variety of exercise bike out there with different sizes and shapes, so when going out shopping get one with a comfortable seat and with pedals that suit your feet.

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