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The Best Heart Rate Monitor Reviews

Heart rate refers to the momentum speed of heart beat which is calculated as per the contractions of the heart in a minute time (bpm). Any variance experienced in the speed can be accurately determined by a heart rate monitor. This monitor can take measurement in real time and store the data for future research or study. This is common in physiological exercise.

best heart rate monitor - The Best Heart Rate Monitor Reviews

How to choose a heart rate monitor?

1. The goal purpose of the heart rate monitor sought

This refers to the needs and goals intended to be achieved by the user and the end results. Such needs may include; athlete fitness, weight loss, technophobes or just for general fitness. One has to set realistic weight loss, fitness and beginners’ goals well for the machine to be optimized fully, or else it can be either underutilized or strained.

2. Individual budget margins

Affordability of the heart rate monitor depends on amount of money one has at hand. Different prices range with varying qualities of machines and the manufacturers. A good quality may require slightly a higher amount that low a quality machine. Generally, monitors vary in price-tags ranging from $25 to $400. For $50 to $100, such monitors are able to tabulate data on burned calories, heart rate and time in zone among others. For $100 to $200, the machine downloads data, tracks progress and is able to create workouts. Between $200 and $400 offers more advanced features like comparisons on workouts, multi-sport tracking and GPS coordination.

3. Machine flexibility, ease of use and comfort

A machine that is flexible in terms of movement and utility makes it to be user friendly and comfortable. High-tech monitors with complicated system synergies shies away clients without advanced technical knowledge. Such machines can put you in a fix in the middle of a workout. A thin, fitting polar chest strap of form provides optimum comfort.

4. Understanding of the available features and types of monitors

The most common types in the market are chest strap, finger sensor and watch/arm band monitors which the buyer must fully understand each machine’s functionality, merits and cautionary instructions before purchasing. Features may include; water proofing, calorie counter, GPS, split timer, alarm, calendar, among others.

5. Ability to tether

This mostly refers to compatibility of wireless connections of a monitor to a smart phone which enhances easy control of some of the digital monitor applications like music, text messages, fitness apps, push notifications and social media.

6. Power source

One should be able to understand the source power for a heart rate monitor he wishes to buy. Some may need stationary installation while other may be flexible for any environment/place. One should be decisive on either using either AC, DC or both power supplies.

The benefits of  heart rate monitor

  • Safe exercise that is almost free from emergency heart attacks that may cause instant death or heart disorders arising from uni-monitored physical exercises.
  • The machine is also able to measure one’s effort in exercises hence less fatigue and standardized muscle development.
  • Health improvement is attained in form of a well structured body physique and enhanced digestion system. This also improves sufficient flow of blood and oxygen within the cardiovascular and general body systems.
  • Heart rate monitor is able to track progress of one’s exercises since it’s able to store, retrieve and display historical training sessions.
  • A good heart rate monitor has a capacity of keeping a schedule for the user and reminds the user of incomplete training sessions through inbuilt alarm system and text message alerts.


The best heart rate monitor brands which are digital, portable and less bulk can be found on Amazon.com with quite affordable prices. Such brands include Fitbit Charge2, Fitbit flex2, AliveCor Kardia Mobile ECG, Polar A300 fitness Tracker and FacelakeFL400 Pulse Oximeter among a variety of others. These monitors are most suitable for both specific and general diagnosis of heart rate for all clients.

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