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The Best Rowing Machine Reviews

It’s amazing how exercising has evolved with time such that one does not necessarily need to go to the gym in order to work out. Working out has been made easier by modern equipment which allow one to exercise within the comfort of their homes away from the bad weather and even a gym instructors. There are a number of indoor equipment that one can use while working out and one of them is a rowing machine. A machine that is used to mimic watercraft rowing for the purpose of exercising is referred to as a rowing machine.

best rowing machine - The Best Rowing Machine Reviews

How to select the best rowing machine?

With a variety of models to choose from and different brands available in the market, it’s quite a task to select the best machine that will enable you achieve your goals and also get value for your money. Therefore one needs to put in mind a number of factors so as to ensure he/she gets what suits them. The following are some of the factors that one needs to consider when shopping for a rowing machine:

1. Quality

The best rowing machine should be of high quality that is; the material used should be strong and durable for a longer life and also for stability during the work outs. Such materials include high quality aluminum, steel or even hard woods.

2. Space

Select your rowing machine with the available space for its storage in mind. Therefore select a rowing machine that will perfectly fit in the space that you have. Air resistance rowers need more space as compared to hydraulic piston ones.

3. Noise

Most people are easily irritated by noise. If you are such a person, the best rowing machine for you will be one that is virtually silent. This will motivate your working out and also if you have kids they won’t be disturbed by such noise. Water and magnetic resistance models are the best because they are not noisy when one is working out.

4. Warranty

The best rowing machine should have a good warranty. Most of the time, the frames are granted a lifetime warranty while other parts are given a particular period. Even though the most expensive rowers have the best warranty, always ensure that whatever you select has a good warranty.

5. Budget

Consider selecting a rowing machine that matches your budget. Don’t settle on a very expensive rowing machine for example which has bells and whistle when you are not planning to use such things. This will help you to get exactly what suits your budget and also your goals.

6. Maintenance

Ensure that anybody who wants to use the rowing machine is within the manufacturer’s recommended weight range. This is to ensure that the rowing machine does not easily damage thereby invalidating your warranty. Also check, clean and maintain your rowing machine to enable it work effectively.

7. Weight

If you are overweight and considering to buy a rowing machine, select a rowing machine that can perfectly accommodate your weight to avoid damage. Taller people should check the length of the rail to determine if there will be enough room for their feet to extend.

8. Easy to Assemble

The best rowing machine for any one is the one that is easier to assemble together. This will always give you the psyche you need whenever you want to work out. Sunny Health and Fitness Rowing Machine is the easiest to assemble.

9. Brand

Consider buying your rowing machine from a reputable brand that is very popular and also what the gym expert will advice you on.

10. Online

If you want to buy online, ensure that you are able to test the equipment from for example the nearest gym which has the same model you want so as to ensure you are buying exactly what you wanted.

There are many more factors that one needs to consider but always seek second opinion before purchasing your rowing machine.

Benefits of having a rowing machine

1. A rowing machine helps in increasing one’s heart rate and increasing oxygen intake hence an effective cardiovascular workout.

2. It also helps in weight loss since a rowing machine workout burns an average of 600 calories in one hour.

3. A rowing machine assists in working out the entire body since it works out both the upper and the lower body.

4. Working out on a rowing machine is simple to learn and good for all age group and ability.

5. With an in-house rowing machine, you can effectively work out in the comfort of your home.


Rowing machines are suitable for every one because they increase the heart rate and oxygen intake thereby putting cardiovascular diseases at bay. For those who are seeking to lose weight, a rowing machine is the best option since you can be able to burn a lot of calories within an hour. Rowing machines are suitable also for those who are learning boat rowing since it mimics actual boat rowing. There are many types of rowing machine which one can purchase. From amazon.com, there are: Sunny Health and Fitness rowing machine, Stamina Air Rower rowing machine, Stamina In motion Rower. There are many more on amazon.com and other outlets where you can get different types of rowing machines at different prices.

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