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The Best Yoga Mats Reviews

Relaxation is a very a vital part for every living thing and most especially to human beings. This is because it assists the body and mind to unwind and rejuvenate itself. An essential key in life. There are many ways in which people can prefer to relax. Such include sleeping, strolling, reading and also participating in Yoga. For a very long time, yoga has always been associated with the Indians but in the recent parts things have taken a greater new turn. Today many people love and participate in this exciting way of relaxing despite their race or religion. Being a combination of physical, spiritual and also mental practices, yoga is mainly conducted when seated on a flat surface most preferably being a mat. A yoga mat is like the main playing tool in yoga so it has to be the best.

best yoga mats - The Best Yoga Mats Reviews

Factors to consider when selecting the best yoga mats

It is everyone’s ultimate dream to always get value for the money they are spending and also achieve their desired objectives. For Yoga enthusiasts this is no different. The current market is saturated with different models, brands and also manufacturers of Yoga mats. This makes it quite difficult for one to choose the best. It is due to this reason that before settling for any type of yoga mat, one should consider the following:

1. Type of yoga

Since there are different types of yoga that one can carry out, it is very essential to know which type you want to practice. If you are aiming for a very active yoga such as a power yoga, then the best choice for your mat will be a textured one due to all the bending, stretching and sliding required. If your type is not very intense then you will prefer to choose a mat that will be very comfortable since you will be sitting or lying on it for long. The best choice here will be foam yoga mats as they are able to provide you with maximum comfort.

2. Stickiness

If you are new to yoga and you want to prevent injuries associated with sliding and falling down, the best choice for you will be a sticky yoga mat. The stickiest mat with the top-notch sticky factor will be a Ponyl Vinyl (PVC) type of mat. Ensure you wash such mats before using as this will greatly increase their stickiness.

3. Environmental friendly

Yoga does not advocate for destruction of the natural environment. Therefore if you are one person who really loves to preserve the natural serenity, then select a yoga mat made of recycled or even natural rubber. This will ensure that you preserve the environment by avoiding mats made of Pony Vinyl which are very expensive to recycle.

4. Thickness

Consider settling for a yoga mat which is very thick as most of the time you will be on the floor. These thicker mats will help you to avoid feeling the great pressure between the floor and your body hence making the yoga enjoyable rather than painful.

5. Portability

Consider settling for a yoga mat made of lighter material but still with the ability of meeting all your yoga needs. This will make it easier for you to carry the mat around without feeling tired. A yoga mat that also comes with straps will be good for you.

6. Durability

Consider buying a yoga mat which will serve you for a longer time without having to constantly replacing it. The mat should be able to endure heat especially if you are an outdoor yoga lover. To also ensure that your yoga mat lasts, spray it with cold water and a non-reactive soap then sundry it before re-using.

7. Price

In order to ensure that you get quality and value for your money, carry out prior research on the price and type of yoga mat you prefer. This will help you determine what price is fair for you rather than noticing that you have been overcharged after buying before prior price research.

A yoga mat that best suits you and your needs has more factors that only you as a person can decide own.

Benefits of having the best yoga mat

Having the best yoga mat as a yoga enthusiast or even a beginner has a number of benefits. These are:

  1. Having the best yoga mat with an appropriate thickness helps to prevent injuries and pain during the sessions as it reduces pressure between the floor and your body.
  2. A good yoga mat helps one to fully concentrate on the yoga sessions rather than trying to avoid the cold floor, as this has been taken care of by the mat.
  3. The best yoga mat helps in providing the most required traction while you are in your yoga sessions.

Such benefits and much more will give you the most required reason to get one for yourself.


Yoga mats are suitable for all those people who love yoga as a form of relaxation and also meditation. As the best yoga mats gives them a more new experience. It is also suitable for amateur yogis who really want to become professionals as the yoga mats will provide the balance they need so as not to slide or fall. There are a number of best yoga mats that can be found on the amazon.com website. Such include: 1.5’’ Extra thick NBR High density Yoga Mat (Reehut), A quarter inch Deluxe Yoga Mat (Yoga Accessories), 0.5 Inch Extra thick high density yoga mat (Heming Weigh). Visit the amazon.com website to get more variety at different prices and designs. Having the best yoga mats will give you the interest to enjoy the yoga sessions. Therefore get the best.

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