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The Best Home Theater Projector Reviews

No big screen TV can compete with the image size that a home theater can produce. Home theaters provide the top experience for gaming and watching movies, especially when used in a dark room. Modern day projectors can also play music files and can also handle documents. Home theater projectors can produce a resolution of up to 4,000 pixels and display 3D images.

best home theater projector - The Best Home Theater Projector Reviews

Features of The Best Home Theater Projector

1. The Projector Type

There are two types of projectors, the LCD (Liquid Crystal Display), and the DLP (Digital Light Processing). DLP projectors rely on mirrors to project their images by shining light on a chip that then relays to microscopic mirrors through a lens. LCD projectors relay light through a red, green and blue LCD panel with its pixels either allowing light or closing. The allowing of light and closing enables the production of a wide range of colors.

2. Picture Quality

Picture quality lies in the resolution, contrast ratio and the source material. Higher resolution produces a sharper picture and also implies better compatibility with the sources that are high definition. A good contrast ratio (the difference between dark blacks and bright whites) produces a quality picture.


A brightness of projectors is measured in Lumens. The Lumen is directly proportional to the brightness (the higher the Lumens the brighter the projector). The lumen specifications are white brightness that indicate the total amount of white color emitted by the projector and color brightness indicating the emitted colored colors. Home theater projectors require rich color contrast, though not in excess to cause eye fatigue.

4. The Throw Distance and Positioning

The throw distance is the distance between the projector and the screen’s image. Long throw distances provide large images and is from projectors on the ceiling in the center of large rooms. Short throw distances yield large images while also reducing their shadows. These images are from projectors installed on walls or ceilings that are closer to walls. Ultra-short throw distance eliminates shadows and eye glare. The images here come from a projector an a table projecting downwards, ceiling closer to a wall or a projector on the wall.

5. Monitor and Control

The capability of monitoring and control makes the maintenance and repair of projectors easy saving the owner valuable time and money.

Why Do You Choose Home Theater Projectors?

  1. The installation is easy and can be used virtually anywhere with flat surfaces and power source besides being portable.
  2. The 3D experience that comes with home theater projectors saves you the money and time of going to movie theaters while also enabling you to spend quality time with your friends and family.
  3. The largest possible image realization factor is amazingly comfortable and easier for the eye.
  4. Space is not a concern when it comes to home theater since you can utilize the wall.
  5. The low cost of having projectors compared to buying a big screen TV is good financial wise.
  6. The long hours that the bulbs live for and the low cost of replacing them makes projectors reliable.


The cinematic and gaming experience of home theater projectors is unique. They save space, money and are easy to install. Home theater projectors can be found on Amazon, ebay and Walmart on a wide range to choose from depending on your budget.

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